This isn’t the electric slide. Doesn’t have to be Clyde. I love being around you. This goes for your crew. I know this is starting off basic. The feeling is so impapable you can taste it. The feeling in my heart and soul is great when we link. I like to turn off my brain and not have to think. The electricity and vibe is organic and real. True connections are always a great deal. It always feels like a big hug. We don’t even have to touch: you’re so magnetic and snug. I want to be around others like you all the time. This description makes every verse flow and easy to rhyme. Similar to our history and bond. These are the connections of which I am most fond. Good vibes and energy only allowed. Forget the extra noise and being loud. I like where we are right here. Just me and you my dear. The rest of the family and crew as well. I wish this is where we could forever dwell


Glass House

Why try to dish out what you can’t take? Cause drama and then playing victim takes the cake. Morale is at a low because of you. Can’t you see that you’re the problem boo? You are throwing a lot of stones for someone in a glass house. Your home just got shattered and scattered like Waffle House hashbrowns. Now you’re bitter sad and full of frowns. All because you thought I would be quiet as a mouse. WRONG! I’m not going to back down. Ask someone: I won’t be the the clown. Please admit your faults now. You won’t get far being foul. You complain and snitch yet you got it started. The false accusations will cause you be departed. Don’t drag me into your personal drama. Can’t take the heat, don’t go in the sauna. Playing the blame game isn’t cool. It’s adult time, we’re not playing the fool. Put away the rocks and stones. Your emotions hurt more than your bones. Thinn about what you’ve did before you make call outs. This will end quickly like boxing bouts. Don’t forget who you’re talking to. Act accordingly, mind your manners, and be cool

Chocolate Dream

Everything is beautiful about you ebony queen. From your soft forehead to your perfect feet, you’re the best they’ve seen. Your cheekbones and eyes are pictureesque. Your shoulders are glistening, broad and blessed. I love to rub and massage that muscle. Your energy and vibe shows your hustle. You possess arms and abs like a goddess. I know you from royalty and I wouldn’t expect less. Your waist and sculpted back makes me want to hug from behind. I like how you’re always so kind. Your backside and thighs are picture perfection. The mirror magnifies your reflection. You possess legs and calves like a dream. My queen is always 1st team. Can I hold you and not let go? You feel warm and cuddly, just let me know. I admire you my chocolate boo. You noticed me first when everyone said who. If you’re the birthplace of the world, it’s a more lovely place. My heart jumps at the sight of your face. You are indeed my chocolate dream. I cannot help that when I see you, my face starts to beam.

Late Post

You’re once again late. You missed out on all of the cake. I heard you said you don’t like anything sweet. That must apply to humans since you look beat. Physically and emotionally you are drained. Not with the BS and like a car not maintained. I can’t force this rhythm and rhyme. Please refrain from the inneudos. Go back and read those memos. Pac said you’re appreciated and you are. The love must start with you. You are alone by choice and virtue. Open your heart and stop playing the victim. If you’re not depressed you have a strong symptom. I want you to have good health. You’re so late to everything, even your inner wealth. That’s how folks end up broke. It’s time to get woke. See and evaluate who really wants you and is worth your time. Use the minutes wisely as they are worth every dime. I am available for you to vent and cry. No questions asked, it’s not too late, just don’t lie

First Of All

I thought we were catching a vibe. We are both loving and alive. I guess it just wasn’t the time. We seem to match and sync like a rhyme. Your messages are distorted and mixed. How can we get this fixed? First of all! First of all, FIRST OF ALL!!! How about we talk? You come to me and want to balk. We all have our moods and days. I know this is but a phase. Please don’t allow a flaw or excuse to deter what we are. I still like you from afar. We aren’t together because second of all, you push me away. I don’t know what to say day to day. I’m digging on you and we know each other, present and past. Our bond will last. There’s no hard feelings or hate. Look here I know you don’t like being late. Therefore I do want date. So third of all, if you’re gonna act like you care. Let’s go out if you dare. We both like coffee so let’s get a cup. We’ll chat and drink up. I’m getting that hug and will be all clean. We both know you ain’t mean. You are sarcastic and witty. We are both frugal and thrifty. I hope I don’t get another back pat. I want a good hug where I smell all of you. We would both enjoy that. That would lead to last of all,…