Why does everything need a name. People, items, poems, anything that’s the same. Creativity is at a high and titles are at a low. If you know you know. Come correctly the very next time. Please have everything completed just like school. We even have lymon when it was lemon and lime. Can’t be a couple anymore, even your names are combined. It’s a cluster. Don’t believe it buster? Look closely, really observe. You get all of your detail, adjust your eyes, sometimes we all get what we deserve. When you can’t get a title, you’re forced to recreate and reboot. But why? Only so someone else has their horn to toot? Let’s normalize having our own work and merit. Do it now I dare it. I want to see how this goes when people have a mind and it’s used. Not lost nor abused. Continue to tune it if you like this one. Next one may have a title, it may not. It definitely will be fun



This is the new year, isn’t that right. Yet we still do the same ignorant things on sight. Same stuff, different day. You must be the change and not the date. You definitely don’t want to be late. Still bickering about the smallest stuff. At days end it all turns to fluff. Who cares more about shoes, phones and housekeepers. You still can’t get past the gatekeepers. Why should I entertain a clown that can’t even read or maintains their health? You’re on here to be nosy, not to cultivate my wealth. If this weren’t spoken you would never get the message. Feel the vibe, manifest the essence. Everyone wants the same job, woman, body and all. No originals left and then you fall. Styles and fads come and go. Maturing is different and real. You truly have vision and you see the deal. The big picture is outstanding. Once your mind is set, why would you go for less than astounding?


The rain takes on new meaning after its fall. You see what’s left, Following the rumbling, relaxing sounds, that is not all. It often gets challenging and muddy. No one is your friend or buddy. They’re not rushing to dig you out. You can’t even go around and about. The puddle is thicker and sinking. The smell is awful and everything is stinking. Then there’s slip and a trip. You’re down! Oh my, pain and a frown! You are literally stuck. They say you did a number, who believes in luck? It all came from a puddle and the ground. The extremely wet, muddy mound. It can get anyone and needs filling. This isn’t your normal wheeling and dealing. The Jordan year is here, time to be the GOAT. More rain is coming, don’t forget your boat!

2022 Christmas/Holiday Letter

This is normally my favorite piece to write but this year it takes on a different meaning. Overall I was still blessed beyond measure throughout this year.

2022 even more normalcy from the pandemic as more and more events, concerts and such resumed that hadn’t in 3 years such as Spring Fling in Spartanburg, the Cleveland County Fair and WU Homecoming. It was great having them all back even with inflation and increased gas prices.

I always like seeing my friends and family do well and progressing in life. I witnessed two marital unions in my friends Haley and Andrew and my cousin Erica and her love Mike. My cousin Caleb and his longtime girlfriend Chloe also got married and are expecting a daughter next year. Haley and Andrew are also expecting in June so it’s great seeing new life. My friends from Wisefire, Thomas and Vanessa, welcomed their 4th daughter, Azalia, back in July and am definitely happy that their small business continues to thrive. I temporarily lost my Friday nights again and it was good to be able to return then and during the week.

Career-wise, I celebrated year 7 with Amazon in my advanced leadership role. I worked 2nd shift for 8 months this year, first time working 2nd since my early 20s. It was definitely an adjustment and a challenge but by the time I returned to 3rd shift, I was a better manager, leader and person. The work environment and vibe around me changed, including 2 different managers. I look forward to where 2023 takes me in my current role to my next role/venture.

My schedule change would have to wait as winter break came early for me this year. I injured myself in my front yard and have to have surgery on my ankle and foot. This adds to the challenging year that I cannot blame Biden nor Mariah Carey from. I am confident as always that as long as I follow my successful blueprint from the past and abide by doctor’s orders, I will be an overall stronger person internally and externally.

I finally started my podcast on Anchor FM, producing 17 episodes, available on Spotify and Apple podcasts. I am very excited for the growth of that. I became acquainted with the Going Places podcast and the two co-hosts, Camden Clark and Daniel Price. These young men are only 15 and 14, respectively, and were inspirational forces for me. My guys with the GOB network have formed Fourcast Media and have finally been able to monetize their efforts. It’s a great time to be in radio and podcasting and I’m glad that I have that, along with my blogging and poetry.

2022 wasn’t without saying goodbye to folks in the physical. I lost Craig Bennett, my cousin Clay Turner, Paris Sweeper, Leslie Watson, Farena Bradley, my beloved dog Whiz, my Aunt Mary Kale, Richard Buckman, Lori McCracken, Aunt Linda Dover, young TJ, my friend’s beloved dog Sarge, Big Mike Smith, Vince Wilkins, Aunt Brenda, Erica Shepherd and Shalonda “Shally” Palmer.

There were several friends and family that celebrated milestones birthdays and anniversaries. I was blessed to be in attendance for my friend James Miller’s 50th birthday celebration as well as my friend Bresha Ratchford’s and my cousin Tony Gaines’s 40th.

I look back and see all of the events and functions I was invited to and was able to attend. Many people that know me did not drop the ball and still invited me when I couldn’t attend due to work or injury and I appreciate that. I truly hope that energy is the same in 2023.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season, stays blessed and safe and makes the most of 2023!

The Crown

Who put you in charge and gave you the crown? You’ve been plotting when I thought we were down. I heard you the first time, no need to repeat. Anyone that thinks they’re going to control me needs to take a seat. One should use that seat to sit down and get to know who I am. What makes me tick, my persona, what’s my jam. No one person is ever alike. Sit back and listen as I rock the mic. There is too much dissention and disconnect. There’s more positivity to collect. I’m not going back and forth and out of the way. I also am gonna listen to professionals and not what you say. I am determined to smile and not frown. There is another dis-illusion: there is no one in charge and thus not even a crown


This has to be done and this as well. The to do list piles up and will dwell. I am legit a one legged man trying to kick butt. I’m trying to see what to cut. I’m about to go back to sleep. Tired of this, it seems good to rest deep. Sometimes you simply have to enjoy the ride. Whoever said this was a breeze definitely lied. We don’t always think of the simple, everyday stuff. In hindsight it’s fluff. These things must be done. Planning them is no fun. You have to have action in many ways. Avoiding weight gain, pile up and mess throughout the days. I’m trying to endure through the smaller things. Was this where the caged bird sings?


One minute you’re standing, next minute you’re halted. You have all of your plans defaulted. This isn’t a Raisin In the Sun. It’s more bleak, foggy and undone. Be that as it may, it’s upside down. Backwards, reversed with a frown. Waffle House did close so we’re going to the Nook. Ahh what you know about that hook? I am a vampire, straight cat napping. I get less and less sunshine, more nighttime rapping. Help is needed, apply if you wish. Bring your navigation and a tasty dish. Do we ever really get ahead? Always a work in progress, indicators are red. I’m down but not dead. Caffeine, books and the recordings are my peeps. I have elevated by bounds and leaps. Celebrate the season that is the present. It will mold and nurture you, all will be pleasant. It’s dark outside but the light and warmth are enroute. All will be well,no trace of doubt


Conjunction junction What’s your function? I’m seeing things transpire. I didn’t imagine becoming a vampire. That’s right. An angel of the night. Ready to get back into the groove. I will have to stay on the move. I have been praying for this change. Sleeping hours and routine all rearranged. Where’s my magic beans? I want admirers not fiends. Back to that weird place. This time with less disgrace. Good things are coming and that’s the promise. Things are better and that’s the premise. There’s always light when it’s the end. The letter is in the mail, waiting to send. December will come and I’ll be used to the night. Sleep by day, ready for the next flight

Up Above

You know what it means when you see the dove. You don’t hurt if at first you don’t love. That time you were spared could have been you. It wasn’t but still shocked you too. Definitely check on your people and be alert. Life goes quick and you can’t be inert. These people are now with the ancestors above. This isn’t a movie as much as you hope. You grieve cry and mope. Some of the tributes are indeed dope. What a life they lived, they will be missed. Their presence and not their legacy is dismissed. These long gone are forever watching. Let them guide you and continue to love. They are waiting and guarding just above.

The Rest

You’ve been put to the test. Daily you’re stacked against the best. The end doesn’t seem to be in sight. You keep looking and there simply is no light. When will the rain stop falling? I want desperately to be balling. Someone please help now! This is definitely foul. I don’t want to go, I want my life back. I can’t get any rest, it’s breaking my back. I really miss my mind. It was so sharp, relaxed and kind. Often I feel tired and snappy. Pardon me if I don’t speak for days, I may be nappy. I do feel the story will end happily. We will all win magically. You know the rest. We will be relaxed after this quest. All good things must end but also applies to bad. Please don’t stay mad. Things will be better soon and soon again. Get your rest and let happiness in