Getting around people that make you light up

I’ve been doing a lot of writing and vlogging lately, trying to keep the #imjustdrew train rolling. I had a great idea for a post as Super Sunday approaches. 

I have gotten better at keeping in touch thanks to social media. However, everyone isn’t meant to be your friend or talk to on the regular. You want to be around folks that you have a great connection with, light up when they’re in your presence, and can agree to disagree with. You simply feel you’re having a good time with them and it’s not forced. 

Some friendships are simply not meant to be. I’ve found it’s best to let things happen naturally and flow from there. That’s not saying you can’t be cool and cordial. Just invest more of your time into the folks that enjoy your company, are real, and get you. Those are the friends that usually last the longest. 

Many have honestly forget what it’s like to be a friend. Offer a helping hand to all folks, and again let things flow naturally when it comes to overall interaction. One factor is when you can have deep conversations with a person and times seems to fly. I love these types of relationships. 

Therefore be a friend, seek out those that want to be yours, and stay in touch with these. They are rare gems indeed. 



Missing My Lil Bro

I have spoken on about my brother,  Adam, and even spoke of loss on past vlogs. Last year, many people around the world experienced mass losses like none before. Heck someone was killed on the road near my home today and I received a barrage of messages from folks thinking it was me. It actually ended up being a high school classmate’s mother. 

Either way, whenever we lose someone in the physical or they leave our presence in some form of fashion, they miss them, like I miss my brother everyday. 

The best way I honor Adam’s memory is by frequently talking about him, telling others about his struggles with drug abuse, and by cherishing  him and others. I like for folks to know they are appreciated while they are here. I would hope they do the same for me. 

January 28th is and always will be a tough day. But I take solace in the fact my brother was loved and liked, and his life touched others. He also was a good friend that got along with many. I get it honest. My mother taught us to do right by people and treat them properly. 

I challenge you to do the same, and to treat the living and those you see regularly as well as you do those that have departed. 

R.I.P. Adam 1983-2006. 


Sports and championships  bringing people together. 

I grew up in South Carolina as many of you know. The main two sports teams were Clemson and the University of South Carolina. From childhood, you were almost forced to root for one and hate the other. Later on I went my own path and chose to root for Notre Dame but that’s another story for another day. 

Both programs have had success in their athletic programs over the years, specifically South Carolina baseball. However neither football team hasn’t been able to win the big one. Clemson came ever so close last season. 

And then finally the football gods smiled on Clemson, its fans, players and the state of South Carolina with Clemson breaking a 35 year drought and winning the national championship over previously unbeaten Alabama 35-31 in a thriller. 

Now once again, I’m not a Clemson fan but I love seeing all of the South Carolina teams do well. Our state has had lots of embarrassments with Susan Smith, the Confederate Flag, the Dylann Roof trial and so forth. It has long been a beautiful and prideful state but yeah cursed in many ways. 

Clemson’s win was one for the entire state, and one that can help bring us all together, even Gamecock fans. The celebration parade was long and crowded, 70,000 in attendance to celebrate the champs. 

Sports have that special way of breaking down social, racial and political barriers. When you’re a fan, all that matters is the team wins. And when one Carolina team wins, the entire state wins in positive media reports, more money coming to the state, and simple bragging rights. It is suddenly cool again to be from South Carolina. 

These things are great conversation pieces, as well as awesome for bonding. It’s simply a beautiful thing to share a shining moment with so many people, friends, strangers and future connections. Sports can be truly magic. Look at what the Olympics does in our country every few years. Clemson being national champs is South Carolina’s version of that. More championships from our school will help in all sorts of ways. 

Therefore,at least show respect for these local teams. They work hard and they want to win just as badly as the other big programs. They need support and love also. 

Let this love continue to flow. 


Ignoring Is Ignorant

OK we’re back in 2017 with another year of #imjustdrew postings. I’m gonna kick off this year with a subject near and dear to my heart regarding personal connections: ignoring others. 

Now here’s where the buzz for it began: on Facebook. Some folks like to intentionally ignore comments that folks post on their statuses blatantly. Personally that upsets me and I’ll state why. 

I believe since I came forward last year that this bugs me, I’ve heard phrases such as “it’s only FB” “There is more to life than if someone acknowledges your comment” ” Every comment doesn’t need a response.”. Well here’s the thing folks, it often does extend beyond the social media realm. Just think if you’re out in public, about to go shopping or to see a movie. A good friend of yours just clearly ignores you, or is nonchalant at your presence. If you two are cool, wouldn’t you feel some kind of way? I definitely think you should. If not, then what type of friendship do you have. 

You see, I have been ignored enough in my life to know when it’s intentional and simply mean. I’m 5’11,230, have a bald head and I’m very light skinned. Not exactly an easy presence to overlook. Yet some folks still do. 

So other than venting , how does one get through this. Well communicate with the parties that did this. If they feel apologetic and you know it’s out of their character, then no problem. However,  if someone acts as if it’s not wrong to ignore a person for no good reason or is a repeat offender, you may want to go to the next level. Keep your distance from them, realize they may be going through something, or that they aren’t as close as you thought. Know where you stand with someone always. Actions will always speak louder than words. 

Therefore, be easy. Remember your core circle, those that are truly cool with you. When people start to act out of pocket, it may have nothing to do with you. Either way, just keep it moving and don’t feel obligated to maintain a close friendship with them. They are simply associates as at best. 

Let’s keep things going smoothly in 2017. It’s OK to get a little upset. But when someone displays the same or similar behavioral patterns, simply leave it alone. Trust me, there are f0lks that care and wouldn’t do you this way. Focus your attention towards them.