Don’t Stress, Rest 

There has been way too much turmoil and division. It seems everyone is too easily set off, stressed and tense. 

This was happening to me before I realized it was best for me to properly decompress and explore my outlets. I realize I had neglected those in the September chaos. I’m currently trying to get October off to a better start. 

The fact is people as a whole don’t get enough rest and relaxation. They don’t even take proper vacations or go to the doctor for checkups. 

Point being, take care of yourself so you can be the person that you want around you. It’s hard being around a down and out friend when they won’t or can’t help themselves. Don’t be afraid to seek help and to improve yourself. 

No one takes better care of you than you. Regain your infectious energy! Be that person that everyone can’t wait to be around. Just don’t forget to get some rest first. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


Beard Game Matters 

I have learned a very valuable lesson in my adult life: beards are awesome on men and women love them. Well for the most part. 

The latest social media trend has been the group #BeardGameMatter. It is a great celebration of awesome beards, and women showing their love and admiration. 

We have another wave of hard times as Fall begins so this is a good positive to get folks together, get them talking. People actually being positive, loving and supportive. The basis of what I talk about. 

All it took was a few beards to do it. 

I rock my beard proudly so I definitely appreciate the love. It’s like a beard to a woman is what boobs or a nice butt is to a man. Very appealing and sexy. It’s just a good pick me up. 

Let’s continue to find ways such as this to lift each other up. This will keep us calm and mellow as we work out other struggles in the world. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 

Know Your Friends, Don’t Assume That You’re Cool With Someone Just Because,…

There has been so much second guessing people after the Kenneka tragedy in Chicago. After this young lady was set up and murdered under her own “friends” watch, it brings friendship and loyalty into the forefront. 

I have been dealing with personal drama and pettiness myself. You simply can’t trust everyone, and certain people aren’t on your side. 

First off, you need to be able to differentiate between your social media friends and your real life friends. They are not one in the same. If all they do is like and comment on your posts, that doesn’t make them your friend. Second, if they ignore you in real life, definite red flag. 

Second, people change for the worse. Life gets to them, they may get on drugs, etc. Often these people just need space and maybe a talking to  (#countrysayings). Be considerate of people’s moods and realize that it may be temporary. That’s when it’s good to fallback. If necessary, you may have to fallout. 

Finally, adult bullying is real! That has been another black eye for social media, the fact that people can use their longevity with you to bully and pressure you on and off social media. It’s not cool folks, not cool at all. 

Basically be careful and watch yourself. Others are definitely watching you. Don’t put yourself in a constant position of being in harm’s way. Be happy, healthy and wise. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 

Hurricanes and storms: another way to bring us together. 

Want to reunite with friends and family, and even connect with strangers? Talk about the weather, and experience a big storm together, namely a hurricane. 

The past couples of weeks, the South and East Coast has been devastated by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Jose isn’t far behind. It’s another time people put their differences aside to help each other. 

Of course the media will always try to seek and divide with the release of the expensive iPhone X, and we know a racist or political act is on the horizon also. I call that Hurricane M (simply for media). 

Many people have such a hard time reuniting with their families that they don’t have reunions, regularly or at all. Trust me, it’s a lot of work, time and money and it’s good for those that show up. When attendance is dropping and key family members can no longer come or die, it’s almost time to make changes or pull the plug. 

Now throw in a catastrophic storm and the relief efforts, people feeling the need to be closer,  and folks evacuating to your town, it’s more sincere and heartfelt. 

I wish we could come together more than in a time of sincere need. Unfortunately, that’s not what many people want. It’s s mindset and morale thing. It can also be a learned behavior. Perhaps one can start gradual, then adjust. I know one group of people that get together that have outgrown their venue. Others have had to downgrade.

In any event, it’s good to see fellow humankind bonding and being nice to each other. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine