Don’t Stress, Rest 

There has been way too much turmoil and division. It seems everyone is too easily set off, stressed and tense. 

This was happening to me before I realized it was best for me to properly decompress and explore my outlets. I realize I had neglected those in the September chaos. I’m currently trying to get October off to a better start. 

The fact is people as a whole don’t get enough rest and relaxation. They don’t even take proper vacations or go to the doctor for checkups. 

Point being, take care of yourself so you can be the person that you want around you. It’s hard being around a down and out friend when they won’t or can’t help themselves. Don’t be afraid to seek help and to improve yourself. 

No one takes better care of you than you. Regain your infectious energy! Be that person that everyone can’t wait to be around. Just don’t forget to get some rest first. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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