2018 Holiday Letter

Ok in a year where Santa Claus can’t even be a male anymore, 2018 was a year of recovery and rediscovery for me and mine.

The highlight of the year was the big step for #imjustdrew and the release of my very first novel “From Darkness To Sunshine: Making Unlimited Friendships and Connections”. I was and still am very blessed with the support as to date the book has sold over 150 print and digital copies nationwide. Look for more stuff from this release as I work on my second book.

Another huge milestone was turning 40 in July. I made it a huge celebration and involved several of my close friends and family. It felt awesome to reach that stage in life and I still embrace.

Speaking of birthdays, a lot of new life came into my life through family and friends. I told them instead of all of these baby gifts, I am buying them birth control (*laughs).

All joking aside, I lost many loved ones this year. Some, but not all include Doug Hambright, Curtis Martin, Frank Childers, Justin White, Ginger Horton, Rev Tony Didwell, Jay Hardin, Victor Gaines, and finally Charlie Martin. Charlie probably hurt myself and my mother the most as he was a father figure to her and was a huge help to us and many others.

Outside of deaths, my family is doing well. My mom made big strides this year, and has been more open to organic remedies. I got to visit my uncle Kenny in prison twice this year. He is a trustee with Anderson City jail and it is a better atmosphere for him and visitors. I keep praying for an early release for him.

Healthwise, things are still on the up and up as I work to get my weight back down to my ideal size. I have a good team on my side, gyms, motivation and plan now to keep me at my ideal size and prepare better for setbacks.

My size had impeded my running pace, but never my grit and determination. I ran four races, three of these were half marathons. I actually managed to place at or near my age group in two races. I also won two fitness challenges at my gym. My regimen change will help even more in the coming months.

Employment wise, year 3 with Amazon has been a good and promising one. I became a Learning Ambassador, won honors such as Spartan of the Month for Attendance and Pit Pro, and served on the Associate Activities Committee. I also have an awesome manager and that often makes a difference at any job you work at.

I didn’t accomplish all of my 2018 goals but I feel blessed nonetheless for my friends, family and circle and what is yet to come. I was blessed to be able to travel more and I plan on continuing more trips. Downtown Blacksburg is set for growth with the addition of small businesses such as Aunt B’s Hog Wild BBQ truck, Wisefire Coffee, and a new mayor for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Festivus to all. I love everyone and just want to see all happy in success and blessings.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine