Just Speak!

I just outlined in my STAR series on how to approach and effectively communicate with someone if they have been bothering or annoying you. This has to be done unless you are falling out completely with them.

We are seeing too many people’s true colors and a lot of people that are either afraid of saying the wrong thing or are waiting for the right opportunity.

Stop the wait! Be proactive not reactive. Nothing good will persist from letting the feelings marinate and allow you to become more angry. You’re not being honest with yourself and others and that is super unfair in itself.

I always like for folks to know where I stand with them. It’s called being honest and grown. If you struggle with that, then it’s harder for us to coexist.

Therefore, if you are that disgusted and frustrated with someone, let them know peacefully. Just speak out! Closed mouths don’t get fed and it will free you both!

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Communication is too important and why

I have said for years that one of the downfalls in any successful relationship is lack of communication. If this fails, you’re setting yourself up for failure and disaster.

There are scores of different ways to communicate with folks and we have found more during the pandemic, including Zoom and TikTok.

Find a medium that you all can communicate on effectively. Everyone you link with has to be on the same page, no deviation.

You also need to make sure the message is properly conveyed and confirmed. Communicate with clear, easy to know details. Just get to the point and have all of the information together.

Talk to them early and often. Plan to communicate well. Keep records of emails, messages and texts. Receipts in this case are very important.

Also, never continue trying and learning how to effectively communicate. It’s always a work in progress, like working on the highway. You will get to know different people and no one communicates the same. Therefore, please don’t stop researching mediums to reach those that are most important to your daily lives.

#imjustdrew #fromdarknesstosunshine