Who Are You?

Yeah and what did you do with the other guy? You’re like the 3rd lead man of Black Sabbath, only few people know this person (go on to Google).

Yeah I said it right.

Basically, while I love when people socialize with folks from all walks of life, I don’t like when they change up their entire persona. Not necessarily their language or diction (some things just aren’t met for mixed company or are only for your close circle). I mean when you act like Jekyll with one person. Then as soon as you get around another group, you’re Hyde.

Apologies for all the references but this is like an annoying itch. Why can’t you be consistent? Act like who you are and be genuine. Many real folks can sense when you’re not being you.

I realize this has also been said to death but more people will appreciate the REAL you. You will lose people in translation but guess what, they weren’t for you anyways. Let them exclude and belittle you. Being who you really are is so freeing and revealing.

So unless you’re doing community theater, cut the act please. I came for the real experience, not the secondhand version.

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More way to bond with folks

Yes I know I talk about coming together and bonding with each other. Having fun, socializing, and such. I have mentioned sports, vacations, restaurants, and even cookouts. Here are some others for you.

1. Escape rooms

They are poppin up everywhere and are fun and challenging. I did one for the first time last week and had a blast. We also escaped with 10 minutes left.

2. Bounce parks (Big Air, etc).

These are also for adults and have many other activities. You get a workout and get to pay fun games with friends and family

3. Book signings

Yeah I’m biased here but you can meet some good people here, and bond over literature and the issues of the day.

4. Coffee houses.

Yeah the Starbucks issue is hot and the media is definitely having fun with it. But real time coffee houses are better, more hip and safe, and have better food and beverage.

5. Comic cons

This is a great year to start these with Marvel and DC’s popularity growing. The cost is low, but the fun is high. You can make plenty of friends and connections at one of these conventions, and even see celebrities.

Ok well get out, invite some people and let the bonding ensue!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine

36,000 runners can’t be wrong

I am a contradiction. I am for common ground and coming together. At the same time, I don’t like when people always play follow the leader and go with the status quo. This goes along with the success of rapper Cardi B. Yes she’s talented but wouldn’t be as noticable if it weren’t for everyone on her and not others more talented. That will be covered in detail on laniera74.blogspot.com.

Here is the difference between coming together as one and just following along. You come together when everyone mutually agrees something is greater than you, it’s an experience and a happening. It also doesn’t fade quickly. When you follow along or dare I say act as a “sheep”, you are more concerned about who is doing it, rather than the why and the purpose. It’s like the greatest cookout in the neighborhood is this weekend, but you won’t go because your people won’t be there.

The Cooper River Bridge Run is basically South Carolina’s version of the Boston Marathon, but more for all levels of running. Walkers, speedsters, joggers, and marathoners are all welcomed. No one with a pulse is excluded from “getting over” the huge Ravenel bridge from Mount Pleasant into downtown Charleston. And for the fee, the city, the before and after race activities, it’s a happening you don’t want to miss. It really brings folks together in a city that experienced great tragedy just three short years ago.

I have ran several races in different cities and both Carolinas and Georgia. I have honestly seen ones better organized, but the Cooper River Bridge Run committee makes it a year round thing to register, promote, sponsor, and gather volunteer. They do such a superb job, from the beginning to the end. It is a runner’s dream and very inspirational and historic for everyone. The fact that it often happens during high school Spring Break makes it easy to plan for.

Therefore, look for happenings and things that won’t go away quickly. 41 years and 36,000 fans, including Hulk Hogan and Jesus Christ can’t be wrong.

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Don’t lose your payday over small change

I am writing a lot more about social exclusion. This post is dealing with how the behavior of others in any setting can affect our moods and all.

I cannot and repeat CANNOT stand seeing childish clique behavior. I am all about good friendships of course. But every one that is your close friend or confidante shouldn’t be recognized over others. You have those always on their grind, extremely helpful, and are always seeing improvement over approval.

Nonetheless they get about as much attention as a white crayon. Think on that one.

Here’s the thing, that behavior and treatment can weigh on you. You stop focusing on what’s really important and you focus on the pettiness and entertain it. You are definitely losing your payday for small change and insignificant matters.

You have to recognize your chosen few as my running club mate Amy says on her blog #mychosenfew. Check her out if you haven’t already. If they aren’t paying your bills or adding to your life, focus on the good and those that do.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Therefore, it’s ok to get angry. But then think back to people that do treat you well and are nice for no reason. Also, be nice to others. You are excluding them because you got excluded and that’s backwards.

Ok now leave that spare change for someone else and get your true paper!

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