Who Are You?

Yeah and what did you do with the other guy? You’re like the 3rd lead man of Black Sabbath, only few people know this person (go on to Google).

Yeah I said it right.

Basically, while I love when people socialize with folks from all walks of life, I don’t like when they change up their entire persona. Not necessarily their language or diction (some things just aren’t met for mixed company or are only for your close circle). I mean when you act like Jekyll with one person. Then as soon as you get around another group, you’re Hyde.

Apologies for all the references but this is like an annoying itch. Why can’t you be consistent? Act like who you are and be genuine. Many real folks can sense when you’re not being you.

I realize this has also been said to death but more people will appreciate the REAL you. You will lose people in translation but guess what, they weren’t for you anyways. Let them exclude and belittle you. Being who you really are is so freeing and revealing.

So unless you’re doing community theater, cut the act please. I came for the real experience, not the secondhand version.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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