Find Your Happy Place

I think many go daily just through the motions. They definitely aren’t doing what they really want or what they’re destined to do.

It’s obvious when someone isn’t in their happy place. They can only put on “airs” for so long. Many folks are quitting their jobs for more peace. Others are holding onto their jobs due to fear of recession with so much nationwide inflation.

There is still hope. Make time every week to do what you love. Whether it’s collecting vinyl records to gardening or reading, don’t deprive yourself of that in which you deserve. Get that in so that your peace is protected and you recharge well.

Continue to see me for more happiness and good vibes.

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Too Much? Just in Case You Didn’t Know

I have a pet peeve where when someone tells me something is too much or I’m not good enough, I feel the need to prove them wrong. You can call it an inferiority complex. To me, I’m just really competitive, have a huge heart and hate hearing the word no from folks that don’t know me well.

I will briefly educate anyone on my past experiences of 44 years in case you think I haven’t experienced enough or I can’t handle “too much.”

I maintained good grades all through school, undergrad and grad school. This includes As and Bs in a tough computer science program and a 3.9 GPA in an MBA program. I did much of this without advanced grooming, help and oftentimes very little money. I grinded, studied hard, and simply wanted it.

Physically, I worked my way up the depth chart in football and started my senior at offensive line over folks more talented and athletic than myself. I ran competitively for 4 years and won 2 age groups, ran 9 half marathon and 3 full marathons, one of those being the brutal and hilly Kings Mountain marathon. I have lost and maintained weight many times in my life, losing 100 pounds in my early 30s and 50 in my mid 30s.

I have been involved in trivia, competitive eating, I have successfully climbed the ladder for a major company, all while battling mental illness, obesity, grief, socioeconomic and racists and caring for a physically and mentally ill mother.

I have managed time well enough to excel in school, hold down a job and side hustles consistently for 27 years, be involved in the community, go to social events, handle multiple bank accounts, and train and tutor others. I also have written a book and have two active blogs. I always find ways to succeed and I’m not afraid to ask for help or questions if I’m in a bind.

Basically much of this is how #imjustdrew was created in 2016. Facebook is about to limit my blogs so YouTube and TikTok will be my focus. Obstacles breed creativity and I continue to stay encouraged and know the best is yet to come.

Therefore, before you think something is too much, read this blog first and learn my story!

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What Am I Griping About

I saw this on a FB post the other day. The intent was to gripe about something that wasn’t political, Roe V Wade, gas prices, or Russia/Ukraine. Therefore, here are mine from my latest weekend.

Why in the world didn’t Gray Collegiate have a concession stand at their playoff baseball game the other day?

Why is my uncle so obsessed with baseball? He’s incarcerated and wants all the details, even inning by inning. He will have to be more clear with me when he calls on Sunday.

How can a 14 year old fall through a 50 foot well with concrete? Better yet, why isn’t that well insulated?

What is up with all of the local deaths and earthquakes near Elgin? Mercury being in retrograde does not help.

Why do people STILL not stay through the credits of a Marvel movie. Overall it was better when I saw the new Doctor Strange but you still had some rushing out. SMH 14 years of the MCU and still this nonsense.

When are folks gonna realize UFC is a better product than boxing? Only time I like to watch is connect with some of my circle (non UFC fans, pray for them saints).

It’s not hard right now to get a job or a pet. Problem is neither may not be the one you want.

The days truly fly by as you get older. I swear 12 hours are just gone. Too bad it doesn’t work the same at the JOB.

FB is trying to limit #imjustdrew. I was already ahead of it, learning Tik Tok and focusing on my YouTube channel. Summer is coming (another shout out to David Fink).

Now I’m gonna blog on my original page and get ready for my work week to begin!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine

Being Honest With Ourselves

This isn’t just because as my former trainer David Fink used to say “summer’s coming” or “the beach going to get whatever body I give them.” Now that is the case as it’s harder to camouflage your body for the next few months.

Many folks simply are not honest with themselves or are constantly trying to cover up and hide things. Well let me tell you this. There are instances, such as in business and when building relationships where you need to be genuine and forthcoming regarding shortcomings and things you have and don’t. The truth does come out eventually.

I’m a firm believer of being honest and knowing the rules of any game and engagement. You cannot let others drag you into their mess either. Cover yourself, protect yourself, respect yourself. You have to have integrity at some point or it will cost you.

Also if you can’t be honest and forthright with someone, perhaps you shouldn’t be around them. These aren’t family secrets; it’s common knowledge and need to know stuff. Your word is your bond and building trust is so important in many aspects.

Realize that this may not be the season that you can wear a two piece or get back onto the Fury at Carowinds. Find out where you need to improve, get better and work from there. Please stop cutting corners and rubber stamping your life. Mother’s Day is coming and you want to be prepared there also. Just be you!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine