Are we doing the lesser of two evils again?

It seems that society it’s all about a choice. Hot or cold. Paper or plastic (OGs). Sweet or unsweet.

It seems in politics it’s often the lesser of two evils when voting for candidates. You wouldn’t expect this in sports as the Carolina Panthers re signed former QB Cam Newton that had a storied time there before injuries and erratic behavior led to his release.

The thing that many Panthers fans said to me following the signing was “it’s better than what we have.” That’s not how life should be. Yes Cam had a good showing in limited playing time and lifted team morale. Long term will tell the tale.

Basically, no one should settle for the familiar all the time. You have to really evaluate and vet, rather than just choose a name out of a hat. This isn’t an ex lover nor a soda; it’s your team’s present and future.

It makes the most sense from the business perspective as having Cam back will salvage the ticket sales and keep the organization from going in the red. Far as wins go, unless he has improved and gets those reps, you won’t be much better off.

You have to consider this when making importantly decisions and not live your life as “the lesser of two evils.”

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Yes it’s another post about proper planning

I come off of a weekend where proper planning deterred attendance and visibility of events.

Basically you have to get the word out using EVERY form of communication available. You can use formal advertisements as well but getting that word out is clutch.

Know your audience, who needs to be invited and ensure they not only know but they have ample time to plan for coming. If they desire, they will be there period.

So if you want to help advertise or promote an event, you must be relentless and ensure your audience knows all of the important details: the date, time, location and costs.

Everyone will not come but you have to build that visibility and notoriety to your event. We’ve been in the pandemic for two years and people are anxious and ready to get out.

Surround yourself with people that have the bias for action to get this done, and delegate responsibilities that they will be best at. It’s no fun having to do it all with very little help. You may be better off calling off the event.

Also if the cause is worthwhile, don’t give up the first couple of times. Learn from your mistakes, know your audience, promote and keep working at it!

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Enjoying life again

I need a place to vent and often ramble.

I think it’s a healthy outlet, plus I need to feel restful instead of restless. I need to be more relentless on certain things, like my writing and my painting.

I basically need to treat my body like a temple again, associate myself with more positive influences, and not stay down for very long.

I need to write a calendar/routine if necessary. I may even need another mentor, trainer or muse. I know I don’t need to be alone.

I want to ensure I enjoy life and continue to love and cherish my friends and family. I want to explore new hobbies and revisit some old ones from different eyes.

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Fall: Nothing Much to Say

Many of my faithful readers and listeners know I love Fall. Aside from how early it gets dark in the evenings, this is my absolute favorite time of the year.

I will find fun, save alternatives as I have throughout the pandemic. Halloween is already looking promising, the Iron City Festival is coming, and I’ll be reuniting with high school and college classmates in the coming weeks and months.

Thanksgiving will probably be reduced to going to one additional house this year and once again ordering a fried turkey from Wild Wings. The one last year was scrumptious.

This is also the time that I focus more on my health and weight loss goals. Gyms begin to empty out until January and it’s my time to shine. And as long as I’m employed by Amazon, the latter part of the Fall will be consumed by work.

I felt the cold air this week and loved it. I cannot wait to wear my scully, long pants and jackets more often. I’m not a pumpkin spice fiend but I do like that also.

I encourage all to practice safe measures, whether or not you’re taking the COVID vaccine and/or any boosters. I am tired of it as much as the next person and I want us to beat this thing.

I will have fun and be safe in the meanwhile!

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Definitely a Different Vaccine

Boy the anti-vaxxers are extra fired up this week with the announcement from President Biden that if you work for a company with more than 100 employees, you are required to be vaccinated in full or be subjected to weekly tested. I honestly expected this to happen. This wasn’t why I got vaccinated though.

I’m just going to talk about the vaccine itself. Unless you have religious exemptions and reasons or health issues, I’m unsure why anyone wouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Pfizer’s is now FDA approved, Moderna is right behind it. The vaccines are safe overall and are protein based. This is a respiratory and a seasonal illness so boosters will be required. It is NOT experimental nor rushed. This has been in the works for years and since coronavirus has been around longer than other diseases (even other strains and variants), made it possible for one to alleviate and lessen the virus’s impact. This doesn’t mean you’re cured from it. This isn’t the polio nor the smallpox vaccine.

Many have been making this political from the onset. Well nearly ALL of your political heroes have gotten the vaccine. Side effects come with most vaccines. Did you resist this hard over the annual flu shot or over vaccinations for school, military and overseas travel?

Also if we’re talking long term side effects, let’s look at overall nutrition. How many of us eat fast food, drink beverages and partake in other activities that catch up to you? If you don’t want to take the vaccine, that’s fine. This thing has been out for a year now so it’s time to end the excuses.

Finally, if you’re that adamant about not getting it, please be safer and even stay at home when you can. You’re hurting yourself more than others.

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Continuing to fight demons

Of course this isn’t a movie.

You may be tired from several things as summer ends. You may be in a funk.

However don’t give in and just remember your time is coming.

Work on the small things to get you there, set small, attainable goals, eat cleaner, drink more water, sleep more and cut out stress. Also have your support circle strong. We can see from just the local media who doesn’t have that in place.

Have a creative and a physical outlet also. This could be simply working in your yard or having a coloring book. You have to do more than watch Netflix or even read. Reading is great to keep the mind sharp but it’s time to do more.

Also stay hydrated, eat and drink frequently, and don’t be afraid to seek medical attention.

Remember the Good Lord is still in control and you’re not done yet unless you choose to be!

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Get tested, period!

The Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is out and is causing numbers to rise as they did in the winter.

This is causing more folks, businesses and states to reinforce mask wearing. Then the debate goes back to wearing or not wearing them, and how effective masks really are.

Let’s unpack some things first. ONLY the vaccinated were supposed to go maskless, never the unvaccinated. When you have not reached herd immunity, and have crowds of people gathering at various venues, yes the disease will spread easily and even the vaccinated can catch it, even if the effects aren’t as bad.

Now while getting vaccinated, wearing masks and social distancing all helps, why are we not testing more? I remember before the vaccine, testing was more readily available, I saw testing promoted more and testing centers everywhere. Testing is still still available and often at no cost. Many have not gotten tested in months and that’s more disturbing. It’s quick and the results can often have a same day to 48 hour turnaround. I never stop getting regular tests because I knew I was more asymptotic since I’m vaccinated.

I need more folks to study how vaccines and even medicine works. How much stuff do you consume that’s not FDA approved? And two of the 3 vaccines will be FDA approved soon. What excuse will you use then? Also none of them are 100% and many require annual booster shots. Other health factors come into play but these are the major ones.

Also if you’re taking all the health measures you can, they all beat being on a ventilator.

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Jessica James: Vivacious, Vogue, and definitely a Vibe

Musician, model and personal trainer Jessica James is a hidden gem around the Upstate to some. Those that know her, have seen her perform or have been trained by her know she has a generational talent, a first class personality and one of the best vibes around. I could write about how talented and beautiful she is but that is apparent from simply viewing a performance or video. I actually have gotten to know her and got to sit down and dive more deeply into what shaped and molded her.

Jessica started singing in church when she was only 3 years old. James sang solos, and was also a part of the children’s choir. She started writing songs at 7 years old and even put together a Christian girl group at church.

Jessica’s first official gig was in San Jose, Costa Rica. A church was hosting a huge conference and invited her to sing at only 14 years of age.

Her favorite place she’s performed to date has been the JLDA Gala held at the Greenville Convention Center. James had rehearsed with a full production of dancers for three months to prepare for this fun show. This was her first time having to dance a full choreography and sing at the same time.

Jessica’s inspirations are her mom and brother. She grew up watching her mother work hard to provide for them and keep a roof over their heads. No matter how challenging things got, James’s mom always found a way to make sure her and her siblings were taken care of. Jessica’s brother is an inspiration because of his fearlessness. He has not been ever afraid to take risks nor try new things and stand up for what he feels is right. His boldness and confidence is such an inspiration.

Jessica’s musical inspiration growing up was Whitney Houston. James always admired how effortlessly and beautifully she sang. Jessica became musically inspired by Beyonce as a teenager. James still respects her dedication to her craft and her work ethic.

Thus far, James’s favorite artist she’s performed with is another independent artist by the name JJ Dae. They performed together at her debut concert and she had a blast. Jessica would love to perform with artists like H.E.R, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Drake, Kehlani, and John Legend, just to name a few.

The pandemic has affected Jessica’s gigs, traveling, and it has slowed down a lot of plans. However, it also gave James an opportunity to learn even more about herself as an artist, to get more creative, and to be more intentional with her craft.

Jessica’s goals as an artist are to make music that transcends generational, demographical, and chronological barriers. She says sharing her gift with the world is an opportunity to connect and relate to others by letting them know they’re not alone. James also looks forward to creating several platinum albums and being a Grammy award winning artist. Jessica’s modeling is a form a self expression and goes hand in hand with her being an artist. She finds it to be fun and freeing. Therefore, Jessica doesn’t pressure herself much in that area but would love to grace the cover of Vogue magazine one day.

Jessica James can be found on social media by the handles: Instagram: @jessicajamesmusic, Facebook: Jessica James Music, Youtube: Jessica James Music, and on her website:

I would definitely say to follow, like, and share this talented lady. You can see the sparkle in her eyes and smile when she performs. She puts her heart and soul in her performances and her daily interactions. I’m confident she will go far and definitely receive all of the accolades and recognition she deserves.

Find those that will complete you, not finish you.

This isn’t a Mortal Kombat reference either.

This is the time of rediscovery. Reuniting with friends and family alike. Some people will be the same. Others will draw closer. Then there will be those that you lose connection with and it cannot be fixed. They will not complete you.

These folks serve a purpose in your life but only temporarily. You need folks that will fill a certain void for you. You probably don’t have a traveling buddy, venting or sports friend anymore. You need these types of people in your existence.

The main thing is not to allow someone that you think has your best interest in mind finish you as a person. This means being extremely toxic, a bully or making you conform into something that isn’t you.

Despite what your social needs are, one should never remain where the vibe isn’t right nor around friends that don’t understand your personal situations. It’s harder as adults with work, projects, family and the like. You need those people that will be flexible, challenge you and are easygoing. Don’t put a price on your peace because some people seem cool, have all the connections or has that awesome beach house. The person with the small living room and no TV may be better for you.

This is geared towards those like myself without time to waste. When you sense the vibe and connection is off, know these folks aren’t completing you. They served their purpose and now it’s time for you to discover yours with someone else.

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Always Day 1: being able to accept criticism and keep it moving

Amazon’s business model is based on innovation, change and it always being “Day 1.”

This means that regardless of how well things are going, you aren’t afraid to start from scratch or over for sustained success. What is working now may not work in 5 years or less.

Take a lesson fellow business owners and friends.

Jeff Bezos may be heavily scrutinized and criticized. Look at what he’s built and how often many order from Amazon. Prime Week is coming and I’m sure your cart is already “primed” and ready.

Basically criticism and feedback will come your way, even when you don’t ask for it. Don’t shy from it, be open, listen and discrete. You are still in control of your business and destiny. Do not take things personally if someone makes a kind, constructive suggestion.

If you don’t want to grow and like where your business is, that’s fine. It’s not a good idea then to ask for suggestions or to get mad at someone for reasons such as that. You may not know that person’s background. They may have an MBA. They may have a quiet background job as an accountant or marketing consultant. If they have experience and have been there, you may want to listen and take heed.

It is truly always Day 1 in the business world. It may not be for you, but it is for Amazon and other businesses. You may then question why your business isn’t growing or you have the same customers/clientele. Berry Gordy realized this as well at the height of Motown’s success. He had a great following in the Black community. He wanted a great following throughout the world. He made proper adjustments, used his experience working with Ford, and made that happen! You can as well.

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