No More Tears

Lately I’ve been shedding a lot of tears. I’ve become captive by my fears. This is as saddening as anything I’ve been through over the years. I know it’s not quite the end. I need all the hands that will help and lend. All I need is someone to whom I can vent. I’m hustling more, finding something lucrative to invent. I don’t want to be one place. I also don’t want to be 70 running the rat race. Big Pun was right when he said it’s so hard. The country folks wouldn’t say I’m tired, that’s I’m tard. I have the people I didn’t wayback and a score. The game is different, I have more. I’m stronger now and can react better, heal faster. I’m only a beginner but I will be a master. Thankful to be able to write. My feelings have a different bite. It will be soon enough before my heart will smile again. There will also be no more tears. It only be congratulations and cheers.



I heard you the first, second and the third time. Don’t, just don’t, I can’t find a rhyme. Moreover, stop, breathe and think. This is all starting to stink. I’m not with all of this mess. I’m a human first, God bless. I’m returning back to form, it won’t be overnight. I also won’t be an oversight. Don’t just don’t. Work with me, relax, relate and release. Your time will be shorter, no more lease. Don’t be that person, you don’t want to fight this fight. I will not hesitated to take flight. Now I will enjoy this wonderful game. Don’t try it again, I will not tolerate this same ol same

The Healing That Comes From Your People

Many know by now that I suffered a nasty injury at the end of last year that had me out of work for a couple of months. I am now back at work and start my first full week this Wednesday.

I will say that while following doctors orders and going through the recovery and healing process is important, internal and mental healing are paramount as well. I have enjoyed the past few weeks and this week being the culmination of being around those I care about, I’m around often, and feeling a sense of normalcy again.

I have said well before I founded the #imjustdrew brand that the people and the environment are what makes life and any experience great. I’m blessed to be able to experience this and be around. I am also improving on being a team player not only in the workplace, in my day to day life but also to God and Jesus. I know my plans are not always in alignment with His. I do know that His plan is the best and I have to trust and be patient with the process.

This is where having my folks, my tribe around me is important. They lift me up when I’m down and continue to encourage and celebrate me when I return and we link up. I enjoy a good conversation and dialogue and while I am tired, my heart is full.

I honestly feel the prayers, thoughts, communication and well wishes from others has helped in my overall healing and I’m definitely a rich man for that. It sounds cliché but it’s true.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine