Book Review: Walking Through The Fire

I just finished an awesome Christian and teenage coming of age story. This was Walking Through The Fire by first time and local author Bonita Hullender. She is a devout Christian, dedicated wife, mother, grandma and retired nurse. She knocked this attempt out of the park and has this definitely movie worthy.

Hullender carefully placed her Southern charm and innuendos, along with her experiences in nursing, raising teenagers and being around the church and Christian setting to set an aweome story. Addison (the protagonist) was brought to life and many of the characters were well developed. You read the book for Addison’s development and progression and you stay for the growth of others, including her own mother.

This book is great for teenagers, Christians, and anyone needing inspiration while facing adversity. Hullender was nearly flawless in capturing all of these points. She didn’t deviate from her personal experiences and shaped the story that she knew and others wanted to see and hear.

Graduation season is here and this is definitely a good buy for any teenager or any person period. Look for Walking Through The Fire on Amazon and order your copy now!

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My love language

I have a specific way of showing folks I love them and not just by telling them.

My love language is sending you money for lunch just because. Also, sharing and caring in many different ways. It may be a random phone call, text or message. It may be listening to you vent when I know good and well I need to wake up early in the morning. It could be giving you a hug. It’s showing up to your events and milestones. It’s supporting your business or cause. It’s making sure you’re never forgotten nor left out.

I definitely want everyone to know how much I love them. It’s definitely a show and tell type of deal.

What’s your love language?

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