4th quarter

Well the final quarter of 2020 is upon us.

We still have the upcoming election, three of the major holidays of the year, Fall, and then Winter. Not to mention flu season along with COVID.

It seems while we are far from normalcy, many are adjusting well as the summer of torture is behind us and we have a chance for more optimism.

One should still be safe and careful regarding the pandemic. Don’t throw away your masks yet. Be positive and encouraging throughout this time.

Lastly continue to fight for what you believe in, love each other and remember it takes all of us to succeed in life in general.

I haven’t been on in a while due to positive changes in my life. I hope that will change and will drive hard towards the end of this weird 2020.

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes #BlackLivesMatter


Embracing the Black American experience

Note the double entendre.

Tomorrow is 9/11, Patriot’s Day. We all remember when and where we were on this tragic day. It has become a microcosm of what this entire year has been.

I wish that people would embrace the Black experience and have more sympathy as they did in the weeks following 9/11.

Many do not get why Blacks have a conflicted relationship with the country and patriotism. America, especially certain parts, has not been the best to most minorities. Blacks have been the latest target over the past few years.

To me, anyone that believes contrary is arguing with themselves. Period. There is no good excuse for inhumanity. Please educate yourselves,have these tough conversations and truly embrace your fellow Americans as you did shortly after 9/11.

Lastly we only need to force love and compassion on each other. Let blacks suffer and express themselves in constructive manners. Holidays such as 4th of July, Flag Day, and the National Anthem will then hold more weight then.

We have already had a 9/11 type of year. I’m unsure what else it’s going to take to get that we are all human beings and simply want to get treated as such.

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes #BlackLivesMatter