Friends can be natural adrenaline

Some of us need encouragement and a boost after some of the negativity happening in our world. Well now it’s a good time to be around the people that mean the most to you. 

The feeling of seeing folks that you don’t see often or look forward to seeing is indescribable. You’re like a child on Christmas Day, you cast all worries to the side temporarily. And mix in food and beverage , then you have a slamming time. Of course with Thanksgiving coming up, you have plenty of that on the horizon. Another reason for one to love Fall. 

Now on another note, life will not be perfect. You have some ups and downs and such. However , keep in touch with your support circle that will power you through all of this. Be that person also that is the energy , the life of the party. I know I can go overboard at times. But hey when you’re around awesome people that you connect with it, it’s a great feeling. You never know when someone takes their last breath so allow these folks to be great and uplifting right now. 



Running and Friends

Yes I write a lot about both of these topics, as they are huge driving forces in my overall #imjustdrew movement. I feel they very much go hand in hand. 

Running is a great way to bond with others, and form new connections. I find the more races I run, the more of the same folks/running clubs are present. Certain races are almost like reunions and homecomings. 

Also, being in a running group has been awesome. You’re never without someone to run with, and someone is usually training for a race or running the same race you’re preparing for. 

This past month has amped up the fall running season for myself and my “ROCKstars”  from Run The Rock. As a group, they have ran the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, the Great Pumpkin 5K and the Rock and Roll Savannah Half (I plan on doing the full next year). It’s also a fun and nostalgic time for many of them as they make a ritual of running one or all of these races, and planning vacations around them. 

I honestly can’t speak for every running group , but mine definitely has a bond that extends beyond the pavement and medals. We eat, hang out together, take lots of pictures, and make positive memories. We are overall awesome together as a group and I feel blessed to have this network of dedicated runners in my life. I can also say the same for other runners I have encountered! They are truly gems. 

#bestruncrewever #imjustdrew


Yeah it’s Halloween, I’ve had some candy and fun but yet I’m in my feelings. 

We all do what we want to do ultimately, including treating others a certain way. I touched on this on my latest vlog.

In short, if a person repeatedly neglects your feelings, you’re not necessarily sensitive. It may be time to pull up your adult pants, put on your shoes and keep it moving. 

Yeah you didn’t get invited to that Halloween party, or you don’t have huge Thanksgiving or Christmas plans. No worries, it’s all good! Those folks that do this don’t and shouldn’t matter. Find folks that always consider your feelings and make you feel like you belong. 

You do have feelings, they do matter and they get hurt. Make sure others know this.