Running and Friends

Yes I write a lot about both of these topics, as they are huge driving forces in my overall #imjustdrew movement. I feel they very much go hand in hand. 

Running is a great way to bond with others, and form new connections. I find the more races I run, the more of the same folks/running clubs are present. Certain races are almost like reunions and homecomings. 

Also, being in a running group has been awesome. You’re never without someone to run with, and someone is usually training for a race or running the same race you’re preparing for. 

This past month has amped up the fall running season for myself and my “ROCKstars”  from Run The Rock. As a group, they have ran the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, the Great Pumpkin 5K and the Rock and Roll Savannah Half (I plan on doing the full next year). It’s also a fun and nostalgic time for many of them as they make a ritual of running one or all of these races, and planning vacations around them. 

I honestly can’t speak for every running group , but mine definitely has a bond that extends beyond the pavement and medals. We eat, hang out together, take lots of pictures, and make positive memories. We are overall awesome together as a group and I feel blessed to have this network of dedicated runners in my life. I can also say the same for other runners I have encountered! They are truly gems. 

#bestruncrewever #imjustdrew


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