Smokin RITA is back!

And personally, I couldn’t be more excited.

For a four year period, in Blacksburg, SC, a small community of friends and helpers comprised of Smokin RITA, held cookouts, fundraisers and chicken stew suppers to raise money for several different causes. These causes included if someone was suffering from a catastrophic illness to Kids For Christmas.

The service organization seemed to take a hiatus with weather and personal issues within group members.

The past two months, Smokin RITA has returned and is smokin once again! There was a BBQ sale in late September. This past weekend it was chicken stew and beef hash. You could feel the energy and love rekindled, just like we never left.

During these times, the men and women put aside racism, politics and focus on praying for one other, combating social issues and making the community better. I am down for all of that.

Ironically this hiatus took place during the launching of #imjustdrew. As I slowly work towards the completion of my second book, I am so glad this organization is going strong again. It is one of the things that truly embodies all that #imjustdrew is about.

Continue to do positive things in your community as Smokin RITA has all of these years. People do notice and appreciate it.

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That undying support

I truly believe that if people are really in your corner, they will support you regardless of the obstacle (date, traffic, weather).

This is how I have discovered who I can count on and who I cannot. A time or two missed or forgotten is ok. You want the consistent ones, that is the ones you consistently see and hear.

It is all about that bond and loyalty they have to you. They will stay up with you and keep in contact regardless of distance and circumstances.

I was talking to my mother about making both of our funeral services private in the future. So people have not showed up for us while we’re alive, why would we want them to show after we pass away? To those reading this, if you really care for me, don’t wait until I take my last breath to do so.

So miss me with the nonsense. People will do what they want, when they want. I know this sounds negative but it’s real. Sometimes I have to do these posts so we can get to a certain perspective.

Also, continue to practice the good behavior and energy towards others that deserve it

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Halloween: a good bonding time still.

Halloween is almost officially here. It’s not just the candy, ghouls, evil connotations or the many Hocus Pocus viewings that Freeform has.

Halloween occurs during Fall where pumpkin spice, the fair in the South, corn mazes, leaves falling and the best month in sports occurs. Halloween shows we can let our guards down and trust strangers to give us candy.

It also demonstrates that we cannot judge anyone (especially women) on their costumes. Creativity and originality are celebrated during this time.

Many seem to lose sight of that as they have Christmas in their rear view and are staring at it like the police is behind them. Remember it’s better and safer to focus on what lies in front of you.

Now whether you’re hardcore into Halloween myself or all you’re waiting on is The Great Pumpkin to come on TV, there is something for everyone. It’s also Homecoming season for high schools and colleges so this is a good way to build bonds and reconnect with folks. The last quarter of the year is simply great all the way as we are winding down and refocusing.

Just remember Halloween is in the middle of all this and should not get ignored like the middle child in the family seems to.

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Watch out for your loved ones and take care of yourself

This past Wednesday was World Mental Health Day and I even saw some suicide marches and runs.

However, beware of strange, erratic behavior from your loved ones. It is not an easy conversation to have but one that should not be avoided.

Notice any sudden behavior changes, mood swings and especially triggers. Don’t be so quick to judge or get mad. Notice any strange patterns.

Talk amongst close friends and family, and then seek out professionals via the Internet and in person. Help this person get whatever help they need, especially if they are willing. Again it’s not an easy conversation and may require an intervention.

Be kind, open and patient. This is not the time to turn your back on them. Have trained personnel at your disposable as there are many more around.

Let’s fight the stigma and take care of ourselves and each other.

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Relationships with other schools

Matthew McConaughey’s film school class at the University of Texas has gotten lots of popularity, especially considering who he is in Hollywood and on UT-Austin’s campus.

However, many celebrities stay connected to college by teaching classes and symposiums. These include Spike Lee, James Franco, Oprah, Alec Baldwin, Kal Penn and even Kanye West (his mother was a professor after all).

I am all about staying connected to higher ededucation, especially if you went to that school. That is one of the ultimate ways to give back and enrich a new generation of students.

These students will come for the celebrity but will reap much greater benefits.

Personally I would have loved to have taken class from Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Michelle Obama or Cornell West. I like learning from the best in the field and ones with lots of life experiences.

Let’s all continue to teach and reach each other!

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