That undying support

I truly believe that if people are really in your corner, they will support you regardless of the obstacle (date, traffic, weather).

This is how I have discovered who I can count on and who I cannot. A time or two missed or forgotten is ok. You want the consistent ones, that is the ones you consistently see and hear.

It is all about that bond and loyalty they have to you. They will stay up with you and keep in contact regardless of distance and circumstances.

I was talking to my mother about making both of our funeral services private in the future. So people have not showed up for us while we’re alive, why would we want them to show after we pass away? To those reading this, if you really care for me, don’t wait until I take my last breath to do so.

So miss me with the nonsense. People will do what they want, when they want. I know this sounds negative but it’s real. Sometimes I have to do these posts so we can get to a certain perspective.

Also, continue to practice the good behavior and energy towards others that deserve it

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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