That’s a Jussie A$$ Lie!

I wish it were too.

Jussie Smollett may be one of the latest celebrities to show such immorality but what about the rest of folks, especially the Internet?

Yes the Internet and social media are both unforgiving and have no chill. Matter of fact, myself and some friends were sitting around the other night sharing various memes, including those including Jussie. While those are admittedly funny, it seems the world is retaliating to his immoral acts by bullying and accosting him.

Now in no way do I endorse or condone Smollett’s actions. But two wrongs do not make a right.

I learned something at a young age. Sometimes you need a caring shoulder and ear. Other times you need a swift kick in the rear. Jussie needs both.

He was crying out for attention and more pay on his show “Empire.” Instead he disgraced his communities and himself.

He should be punished appropriately but he should be subject to some counseling as a result. This isn’t your usual criminal act, this is a psychological and an emotional act. I know how hard it is to be a black man in society. He is also openly gay, which is still not widely accepted. Therefore, he needs all the support we can.

In conclusion, we should seek solutions for these types of folks, real ones that will rehabilitate them. Smollett plays a gay, troubled character on Empire and he seems that way in real life. Why else would you want to literally beat yourself up?

Thinking anything else would be a Jussie lie! Forgive this man, and seek to help him. Laugh with him more than at him. Know that his actions warrant consequences but he needs to be forgiven and given the opportunity for help. That is also the society we live in.

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Taking back the community 3: knowing your facts.

The first lesson here is to know who is really building your community and the logistics of how and why it got to this point and why progress isn’t being made.

A lot can relate to not having adequate facts in front of you and just believing anything you hear or see, especially on the Internet and social media.

My friends and business owners Thomas and Vanessa Dover of Wisefire Cafe in Blacksburg, SC experienced this over the Valentine’s/All-Star weekend. I referenced the story on my FB vlog also.

Police chief Jamie Ham was doing a good thing for the homeless by providing them an overnight place to stay during the cold, no questions asked. Well some nights, especially Fridays, Wisefire is open late due to several activities and specials Thomas has going on. Some of these homeless people have actually been friendly and harmless.

However, when one of them went rogue and manic, Dover was forced to take action and file a complaint to protect the business, his patrons and his family. He did not want the shelter closed or the homeless to be left high and dry. He simply wanted safety and boundaries.

Well after filing complaints to the proper authorities, Chief Ham closes the shelter. He does not get the blame but Dover does and the town does a verbal witchhunt on him, threatening to boycott the shop, calling him unkind names, and wanting the shop closed. Many of these complain came from members of the “old boy network” that had never even been inside of his shop.

Thomas handled the complaints well, set the record straight and invited anyone to come into his shop to talk further. Chief Ham came by early Friday morning to apologize personally and to take credit online for what happened. Both men had the same intent but it seems the newer guy (Dover)became the scapegoat.

Now lend me your eyes and ears. How in the world is the town going to grow if its residents continue this sort of behavior? They aren’t aiding much in the homeless, drug, nor overall safety and business issues. They seem to want Blacksburg to stay dark and boring, which is even more unsafe for the homeless and teenagers alive.

Thomas has given a breath of fresh air to Blacksburg, SC by providing coffee, snacks, books and a warm, cozy environment with loyal regulars (myself included) to brighten up things. He is about being apart of the solution and keeping things civil.

We as a society must be more compassionate. First, know what you’re talking about first before you hide behind technology and bash him. Second, talk to him personally if you have a problem. Third, get involved and lend a helping hand if you’re not already doing so. There are clear and simple reasons why change does not occur and it’s showing.

I am just about done here and I feel the Dovers are also. We all want to move forward with our professional and personal lives. There will be other hiccups but if people will help out more instead of criticizing, we can all achieve more and have Blacksburg be the envy of nearby small towns such as Shelby, York and Clover. It is right off the Interstate so it is in a perfect area. Now is the time to clean up in front of the porch, work on solutions for these various problems and support these local businesses.

Ok let’s love each other and put in that work!

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Taking back the community part 2: watch your kids, hide your kids, love your kids

Between the Netflix hit “Abducted In Plain Sight”, the R. Kelly drama, and these local pastors recently being busted for statutory rape, you really can’t trust your children with anyone.

Guess what readers, my mom never did.

When in public, my mother didn’t take her eyes off of us as small boys. She ain’t didn’t trust anyone but my grandma or older cousin to babysit. We didn’t even do many sleepovers. Many may think this is extreme and overbearing. However my mom wasn’t taking any chances. As my brother and I grew older and attracted older women, she didn’t like that either.

I said it before: we need more parents with that forward thinking, common sense approach.

Please stop trusting anyone and everyone to watch after your kids. Don’t let them run all over the streets at night or while you’re at work. Get then involved in sports, community and church activities (obviously screen all of this in advance). They deserve a safe, loving, nurturing environment.

I see pets and animals treated better now than most children. Now while I adore my pets, why can’t we use this same energy with our kids?

We are the first to complain about society and the newer generation. However, we are the last to take blame or responsibility for how they were reared and watched.

Also, we have to become a strong community again and stop being divided over petty issues. Stop crying over the kids being hurt or killed when you didn’t do all you could do. It takes a village and no one wants to see their loved ones hurt. Let’s end this now!

These are small solutions and I plan to come up with bigger, long term solutions. But in short, watch your kids!

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