Taking back the community part 2: watch your kids, hide your kids, love your kids

Between the Netflix hit “Abducted In Plain Sight”, the R. Kelly drama, and these local pastors recently being busted for statutory rape, you really can’t trust your children with anyone.

Guess what readers, my mom never did.

When in public, my mother didn’t take her eyes off of us as small boys. She ain’t didn’t trust anyone but my grandma or older cousin to babysit. We didn’t even do many sleepovers. Many may think this is extreme and overbearing. However my mom wasn’t taking any chances. As my brother and I grew older and attracted older women, she didn’t like that either.

I said it before: we need more parents with that forward thinking, common sense approach.

Please stop trusting anyone and everyone to watch after your kids. Don’t let them run all over the streets at night or while you’re at work. Get then involved in sports, community and church activities (obviously screen all of this in advance). They deserve a safe, loving, nurturing environment.

I see pets and animals treated better now than most children. Now while I adore my pets, why can’t we use this same energy with our kids?

We are the first to complain about society and the newer generation. However, we are the last to take blame or responsibility for how they were reared and watched.

Also, we have to become a strong community again and stop being divided over petty issues. Stop crying over the kids being hurt or killed when you didn’t do all you could do. It takes a village and no one wants to see their loved ones hurt. Let’s end this now!

These are small solutions and I plan to come up with bigger, long term solutions. But in short, watch your kids!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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