Beefing, But Why?

It seems rivalries have been around since the beginning of time. I have written out this previously on However, beefs are different. They originated mostly in the hip hop culture but have manifested in all realms of social life. 

The latest rap beef this weekend was between Nicki Minaj, known by most and Remy Ma, not well known. The two ladies thus far have handled their differences via the mic, rather than going out and trying to physically hurt each other. 

Arguably the biggest rap beef of our time was the 2Pac/Notorious B.I.G. one. Fun fact that many know: they started out as friends. Did songs together. However, throw in a couple of misunderstanding and you have two coasts in a hip hop uncivil war. 

Unfortunately many beefs and disputes are actually between very good friends and associates. It seems one or more folks have gotten to each other too often, then they turn on one another. 

I did a Live vlog summarizing beefs and gripes. In short, it’s not always a two party, two sided dispute. Often one side is all upset, and the other side would rather make peace. This is clearly a failure to reach common ground. 

I believe you should try to work out any dispute peacefully, verbally and privately first. Should this fail, then it may be best to keep your distance. Not every disagreement needs a rap song. 

Let’s try to make more peace and less war. These beefs will have to cease before we have an awful repeat of the 90s. No one’s life, and few friendships are worth a disagreement. Again, peace not war is preferable. 


The Cold Times

We’re getting to the times where cuffing season ends and breakups occur romantically and socially. It can be bittersweet and melancholy. 

Moving forward can be a good thing, but even more painful if you continue to look back. 

If one lives long enough and socializes often, they will inevitably lose and gain friends of all types. Socializing definitely isn’t all peaches and cream. Friends and family become distant or non-existent, strangers become your besties.  It can be quite confusing.

Just don’t forget who you are as a person, your standards, and your future plans. We also mature and evolve. Remember everyone will not be along for the ride. 

Times changes, and people come and go. Repair and maintain the relationships you can, discard the ones that cannot be fixed and continue to live. 


Music is the language of the peopleĀ 

Despite the decline in the quality of newer music, (or the fact that I’m outgrowing new sounds), I still enjoy music of all genres. I watch the Grammys, AMAs,  VMAs, and others yearly. It’s a part of me, it’s in me, it is me. 

Now we as humans are all different. Some of us like sports, some of us don’t. It was unusually beautiful this past weekend for the winter and some didn’t care to go outside. I know folks that won’t watch television or go out to eat. But guess what, everyone loves some sort of music. It is the universal language, the language of the people. 

Connecting with someone is much easier through music and the love of it. You may not know all the songs, words or artists. But you like the sounds, how it makes you feel now and the first time you heard it. There are songs you absolutely love and those that irritate you to hear repeatedly. It is a common thread that bonds us. 

This is indeed an important time for musicians. Our nation and world are at a crossroads. We need these artists to stay innovative, thinking, writing, singing and recording. Unity can be alive through sound. 

So continue to play your music, dance to it and sing in the shower. I can almost guarantee someone else loves it.