Continuing connections throughout the generations

I’ve heard stories growing up about how your friend’s parents and even close relatives’s parents were all close. I am here to say it is true.

One of my mom’s closest cousins had three sons. My brother and I were cool and close with them as well. We often spent the night at each other’s houses as children and saw each other on weekends as our parents stayed close through the years.

Present day, I don’t have children of course but the cousins do. I typically get invited whenever one of the children have a birthday party.

Playing with the kids and watching the kids and my cousins as fathers play with them really warms my heart and takes me back. It reminds us that we can stay close and continue playing.

Therefore, remember how you interact with others, especially around your kids. They pick up on vibes early on and will usually choose to keep associating with certain people.

It’s important to set this foundation so they won’t grow up lonely and not feeling like they have anyone to turn to. Keep in touch and as close as you can to your loved ones.

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Who Spilled The Tea?

Office/workplace gossip is everywhere. Chances are if you’re getting together with one or more coworkers, the tea is getting spilled.

It may not be pleasant when the tea is spilled upon you.

You should be wary of workplace gossip, especially around Happy Hour when some are inebriated and don’t realize what they are saying..

It’s often best to mind your own business, stay out of the loop and be around people that are straight forward with you.

You don’t need a group of people chattering and then become quiet when they see you coming. You can already dictate what is next.

Definitely try to socialize with coworkers off the clock but remember you do have to work with them again. Sometimes less really is more regarding drama or anything not directly related to your paycheck or job performance.

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The Three Musketeers

We grow older and mature. Well, most of us do anyway.

You then have those that are callous, childish and unwilling to put the past behind them.

I know a group of guys that are basically the male version of the Plastics from the movie Mean Girls. And I mean grown men in their 30s that have careers, children, etc. One is married, another is divorced.

Their influence is so strong that not many can see that they are foul, except for maybe one. But he keeps entertaining them. Another is mentally ill and needs his medication. The last one is simply a lame that constantly practices social exclusion. In reality, they are all useless, mean cowards.

Try your best to recognize this behavior as this is passive bullying, know your worth and stay away. Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff. Be cool and dry.

You won’t get along with everyone. Once you give it a try, let it go, fall back and hang with those on your maturity level.

Only 3 Musketeers I want to see is a candy bar. Good things don’t always come in threes.

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How big is the Juwan Howard situation really

Juwan Howard being named the new head football coach at Michigan is really big and inspiring.

He not only used his connections and Fab 5 prowess to even be considered, he had to beat another type of giant. The Fab 5’s awesome legacy was basically erased due to scandal and payments to certain players by boosters. For more than two decades, the relationship between the school and the Fab 5 members was very strained.

Now everything is full circle with Howard leading the same Big Blue program he played for. He’s not excluded any longer.

It would have been even more unfair had they did this, especially since he didn’t take any illegal money nor benefits. He was a model player and student before, during and after his Michigan days. It seemed to be an across the board blackball.

Howard’s story gives people hope that times does heal all wounds and when you want something bad enough, you shouldn’t give up.

Perhaps now this will lead to an eventual Fab 5 reunion at Michigan.

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