How big is the Juwan Howard situation really

Juwan Howard being named the new head football coach at Michigan is really big and inspiring.

He not only used his connections and Fab 5 prowess to even be considered, he had to beat another type of giant. The Fab 5’s awesome legacy was basically erased due to scandal and payments to certain players by boosters. For more than two decades, the relationship between the school and the Fab 5 members was very strained.

Now everything is full circle with Howard leading the same Big Blue program he played for. He’s not excluded any longer.

It would have been even more unfair had they did this, especially since he didn’t take any illegal money nor benefits. He was a model player and student before, during and after his Michigan days. It seemed to be an across the board blackball.

Howard’s story gives people hope that times does heal all wounds and when you want something bad enough, you shouldn’t give up.

Perhaps now this will lead to an eventual Fab 5 reunion at Michigan.

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