Where are the fellas at?

We are closing out another holiday weekend and I see many people out on vacations, gatherings and the like. What I see is a lot of female friend groups out. The fellas seem to be lacking here.

I honestly don’t have the exact answer but I have some theories

1. It’s harder to get guys together, at least in an organized fashion

2. We’re not as big on pictures and capturing every moment

3. We simply don’t get together in the same frequency as women do. Rarely do you see men travel in packs. When me and my dudes went on a cruise early last year, we were the only all male crew on the boat.

I’ve seen guys get together at weddings, cookouts, playing games and sporting events. Outside of that, the list is short.

Fellas, we need to do better in this regard. We’re losing too many people in various ways. We love to slam and bash each other, rather than praise and hang out. It’s time we do more of the latter.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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