Food Fight

This is the best of times far as socializing and unfortunately the worst.

There are your weddings, dinner parties, cookouts and the like. It seems many folks seem greedy, wherever it be the hosts, the guests or both. Obviously no one has a problem with those hosts that give away all sorts of food and beg you to take home plates.

Here are some simple ground rules I have developed to keep the peace.

1. Unless you already know otherwise, you have been invited to a party, not to Golden Corral. So it’s best to try to keep it to one plate unless the host insists. Many times two things happens: there are more guests to feed and the food they have is all they have. All of the cooking is done and no more magical food is coming. Therefore, keep it to one plate/person.

2. Socialize and chill, don’t hover around the food. Drinks are a separate issue but the food should be kept away from, or a safe distance.

3. Don’t eat until it’s said to eat and don’t be rushing to be the first person to eat. If you’re the first person, so be it.

4. Yeah I know you figure one plate but no one said what size. One plate does not mean the size of Mount Everest. Get yourself a decent size place and step away.

5. Also, pro tip for my hosts: have servers there to serve the food if you’re concerned about portion. Lack of common sense and hunger is a bad combo so keep the servers around until everyone in the room has eaten. Do not entertain seconds until later.

6. Have a snack/finger food table to avoid hunger and over indulging. Dessert tables work well here.

7. Remain good communication and respect between you and the hosts. They invited you because they’re cool with you and don’t break that.

There are more but these are my top 7. Don’t be that greedy person that hoards food. You really should go to Golden Corral if you’re that hungry. Eat, drink and be merry but be respectful.

Ok let’s end this food fight please.

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Be The Village

It definitely takes a village to make a successful family, child, community and group of friends.

It’s more than your core circle, your chosen folk or whomever. We all need to be united in the purpose of helping each other and our youth. Things will not improve until we do, period.

Also, know who your own village is. I have saw firsthand this week how everyone living in the village isn’t for you. You have to ensure they have your best interests at heart and are all about supporting and empowering you. Otherwise, they’re occupying space in your life.

In short, weed out the village idiots.

You can start by being the village. It’s not much different from being a good friend. You simply have to be committed to building strong communities and bonds

We have had lots of opportunities for this: graduations, Juneteenth, 4th of July, Father’s Day and many more.

Also, speaking on great fathers, I truly believe that is a key trait in being and choosing a father figure. Ladies keep this in mind if you want to have a good father for your children, one you can brag about.

Once you become the village, the inhabitants will follow and they will literally come bearing love and fruit (fruit meaning different things). It’s that time, more than ever.

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Your Own Color Purple Scene

If you haven’t seen The Color Purple all the way to the end, you may wanna stop reading now.

Ok for those that have seen it, you remember the ending scene. If you weren’t already cried out by then, the waterworks were definitely coming then.

It is definitely a good feeling to reunite with someone close to you, especially in hard times.

Some of you may not know that my uncle has been incarcerated for 16 years and it has been 14 years since my mother has seen him. Several things have stood in the way but I’m hoping she’s finally gets to see him in person. I have a hunch it will be that type of moment.

For those that are forever chanting “no new friends” and “I’m fine by myself”, chances are you haven’t experienced how full your heart can get following this type of moment.

Don’t feel ashamed. I mentioned in the last blog on checking on your people. It’s so great to talk to those you haven’t in years or see them. In many cases, it’s like you picked up where you left off.

So if you can find them, what’s stopping you? If you’re still searching for them, don’t stop. There is lots of technology now to assist in finding someone, stuff bill collectors and telemarketers have used for decades.

When you’re embracing your long lost friend in the middle of nowhere, thank me later. Fewer moments are sweeter.

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Check on your people regularly

We have had two celebrity suicides this week. What will it take to get folks to check on each other regularly, recognize signs, etc?

My 40th birthday is coming up in a month and “From Darkness To Sunshine” is still fresh on the market. Therefore, I’ve been contacting folks I normally wouldn’t contact. I do more than social media. I utilize calling, texting, visiting, and of course word of mouth. Ensure your loved ones are good.

You really never know what a person is going through or what demons they are fighting. Many know I spend half of my time in the car, commuting. I often like to call folks to check in on them, or send a text. I know how it feels, and I want them to know I love them and they can contact me anytime they feel they need to talk.

Please keep this going, even when the media does not. Be that voice, that person. We need more Earth Days, and less funerals, RIPs, or GoFundMes.

This is the season for festivals, cookouts, vacations, etc. Invite them to your home, and go visit them. Make time for it.

There is a meme I detest. It basically says just because you work full time you can’t see folks like you should. Ummm, I work full time, have side income, a book to promote, a sick mother to care for, and I STILL make time for what’s important.

Please don’t take suicide or mental illness lightly. Also, manage your time well. I’m here for that also.

Be that person, that voice, during this time. Don’t let anyone slip through the cracks.

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Moths To A Flame: Make Your Own Spark

Another high school graduation is upon us. I want to offer words of wisdom to the many grads out there, many I know personally.

We have too many people following the latest trends and the status quo. This is also called “moths to a flame”. Think about your porchlight on a hot summer evening. The moths are all crowded around.

Well I challenge you all to find your own spark. We as humans are drawn to bright and shiny things. It’s important now that you’re adulting that you become headstrong and be able to make up your own mind about what you like and want.

Now is the next step. Are you going to college just out of tradition or because you were told to? Or is it for friends? What about so you can learn? Either way, you won’t last long if you don’t want to be there and put in the work. This goes for the workforce, tech or trade school, military. Choose what you really want to do and are passionate about, and something that’s stable and you can make a good living out of.

One of my friends has her eldest son graduating. He has become really good at music and producing beats. He wants to go into musical engineering and has chosen a school that specializes in this. This is not exactly popular, but he lit his own fire.

I know of another man who is a barber that bought his son his own barbershop and taught him all of the tricks of the trade. He is now a licensed barber with his own business.

Your own spark will definitely last longer because it’s in your heart. Think of who’s “Most Likely To Succeed” in your class. I’m sure the vote wasn’t by accident. You saw that glow and drive in that person and knew they are serious about post graduate life.

So make that spark, have that spark, be that spark. Then you will draw others towards you and be a success in your own right, and light.

Congratulations Class of 2018!

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