Moths To A Flame: Make Your Own Spark

Another high school graduation is upon us. I want to offer words of wisdom to the many grads out there, many I know personally.

We have too many people following the latest trends and the status quo. This is also called “moths to a flame”. Think about your porchlight on a hot summer evening. The moths are all crowded around.

Well I challenge you all to find your own spark. We as humans are drawn to bright and shiny things. It’s important now that you’re adulting that you become headstrong and be able to make up your own mind about what you like and want.

Now is the next step. Are you going to college just out of tradition or because you were told to? Or is it for friends? What about so you can learn? Either way, you won’t last long if you don’t want to be there and put in the work. This goes for the workforce, tech or trade school, military. Choose what you really want to do and are passionate about, and something that’s stable and you can make a good living out of.

One of my friends has her eldest son graduating. He has become really good at music and producing beats. He wants to go into musical engineering and has chosen a school that specializes in this. This is not exactly popular, but he lit his own fire.

I know of another man who is a barber that bought his son his own barbershop and taught him all of the tricks of the trade. He is now a licensed barber with his own business.

Your own spark will definitely last longer because it’s in your heart. Think of who’s “Most Likely To Succeed” in your class. I’m sure the vote wasn’t by accident. You saw that glow and drive in that person and knew they are serious about post graduate life.

So make that spark, have that spark, be that spark. Then you will draw others towards you and be a success in your own right, and light.

Congratulations Class of 2018!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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