Plenty of market

We’re in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest shopping days of the year. One of the most unsung days of the year is Small Business Saturday, designed for us up and coming entrepreneurs and business. #imjustdrew definitely fits that bill.

I was out supporting one of my favorite local businesses when the properterior was reminding me of that. He and the owner of the neighboring coffee shop actually help each other out, and he does the same for the local cupcake shop.

This is what I try to do to my fellow authors. I do my best to seek them out and support their works. If they support mine, all the better. There is plenty of market for all of us as many of us are geared towards different audiences. We have made a silent pact (most of us) to support and push each other, rather than compete.

Now, when I’m competing in road races, it’s a mix of both. However, with books and videos, we’re ultimately working together. I would love to be the next Stephen King, JK Rowling, or even Charlamagne Tha God. What I really want is to be the only Andrew Lanier. Inspiring like Dave Carnegie with Southern roots like Charlamagne or Nicholas Sparks. I want to take all the market I can, and help my fellow aspiring authors.

The less you think of yourself, the more you can accomplish. I think of this somewhat like a team sport. We are all wanting to win, but there is plenty of room for individual accolades. I still support and promote whenever I can and whatever is appropriate. People know they can count on me and that makes my heart smile.

Therefore, do the same. Support the little guys. Make Small Business Saturday a daily thing. Together We Do Achieve More!

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Adding People To Your Team For 2019

This is the time to start seeing who will still be down for you and associate with you in 2019. It is literally out with the old, in with the new in some cases.

For me, these sorts of people are out:

Fake, unsupportive, nonresponsive, racist, bullies, jerks, politically charged, judgmental, negative

The following are in:

Positive, honest, optimistic, tactful, helpful, deep, appreciative, intelligent, understanding.

And this is the short list.

Basically, if I don’t get that good vibe from you, we will be falling back. Nothing personal but sometimes that’s how it is.

And for others, welcome to my experience. Whether you’re here for a reason or a season, I look forward to expanding our bond.

Two more posts remain for 2019 and one is the Christmas Letter. What shall I post about next???

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine

How We Can Stay Connected and United on Election Day

Red, blue, other.

That’s the underlying theme of Election Day and for all early voters. Voting has become divided by race, socioeconomics, and of course the flawed 2 party system.

I lean towards the best overall candidates, but the Democrats seem to have my best personal interests in mind. Nevertheless, I’m all for Liberterians and Independents due to how unfairly our government has been divided. People simply don’t use common sense anymore and elect their candidates as they would reality show contestants instead of going off of values and issues.

You have to realize that no candidate will be able to nor deliver every campaign promise. We have to pray for our leaders and support them in every step of the way.

The big step is happening: more people are finally voting. Now if we can get more of these offices filled with more than one opponent. Many candidates run unopposed and that’s a problem. You can hold a small office and it shouldn’t be a huge deal. You are contributing heavily to the process.

Please let people be themselves, unless of course they are hateful, hurtful and full of anger. Know the limits and exceptions but it is hypocritical to hate someone just because you voted differently. We need to have better conversations.

That being said, cast your vote by this Tuesday and let’s talk to each other, instead of loving each other. It would go a long way in truly making America the great country it can be!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine