Jessica James: Vivacious, Vogue, and definitely a Vibe

Musician, model and personal trainer Jessica James is a hidden gem around the Upstate to some. Those that know her, have seen her perform or have been trained by her know she has a generational talent, a first class personality and one of the best vibes around. I could write about how talented and beautiful she is but that is apparent from simply viewing a performance or video. I actually have gotten to know her and got to sit down and dive more deeply into what shaped and molded her.

Jessica started singing in church when she was only 3 years old. James sang solos, and was also a part of the children’s choir. She started writing songs at 7 years old and even put together a Christian girl group at church.

Jessica’s first official gig was in San Jose, Costa Rica. A church was hosting a huge conference and invited her to sing at only 14 years of age.

Her favorite place she’s performed to date has been the JLDA Gala held at the Greenville Convention Center. James had rehearsed with a full production of dancers for three months to prepare for this fun show. This was her first time having to dance a full choreography and sing at the same time.

Jessica’s inspirations are her mom and brother. She grew up watching her mother work hard to provide for them and keep a roof over their heads. No matter how challenging things got, James’s mom always found a way to make sure her and her siblings were taken care of. Jessica’s brother is an inspiration because of his fearlessness. He has not been ever afraid to take risks nor try new things and stand up for what he feels is right. His boldness and confidence is such an inspiration.

Jessica’s musical inspiration growing up was Whitney Houston. James always admired how effortlessly and beautifully she sang. Jessica became musically inspired by Beyonce as a teenager. James still respects her dedication to her craft and her work ethic.

Thus far, James’s favorite artist she’s performed with is another independent artist by the name JJ Dae. They performed together at her debut concert and she had a blast. Jessica would love to perform with artists like H.E.R, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Drake, Kehlani, and John Legend, just to name a few.

The pandemic has affected Jessica’s gigs, traveling, and it has slowed down a lot of plans. However, it also gave James an opportunity to learn even more about herself as an artist, to get more creative, and to be more intentional with her craft.

Jessica’s goals as an artist are to make music that transcends generational, demographical, and chronological barriers. She says sharing her gift with the world is an opportunity to connect and relate to others by letting them know they’re not alone. James also looks forward to creating several platinum albums and being a Grammy award winning artist. Jessica’s modeling is a form a self expression and goes hand in hand with her being an artist. She finds it to be fun and freeing. Therefore, Jessica doesn’t pressure herself much in that area but would love to grace the cover of Vogue magazine one day.

Jessica James can be found on social media by the handles: Instagram: @jessicajamesmusic, Facebook: Jessica James Music, Youtube: Jessica James Music, and on her website:

I would definitely say to follow, like, and share this talented lady. You can see the sparkle in her eyes and smile when she performs. She puts her heart and soul in her performances and her daily interactions. I’m confident she will go far and definitely receive all of the accolades and recognition she deserves.