The tide is high and we can keep it there.

This has been a wonderful, exciting week. Great weather, Valentines Day and finally the epic premiere of Black Panther.

I love seeing folks come together and forget about negativity and focus on the good things. It was very exciting to see folks do this through cinema.

I make a few notes of this in my book “From Darkness To Sunshine” but here are some tips to keep this good feeling and momentum going.

-Always support positive things

-Find that common ground, and bond and discuss it.

-Don’t berate and insult each other so harshly.

-The world is divided right now, but look to the positive.

-Love each other, and stop with all the hate and arguing

-Get together in person with folks that share this passion regularly, at least once/quarter.

I don’t know about you, but I want that feel ing in my heart that many got after seeing Black Panther 1, 2, 3 times and dressing up for it and all. I try to replicate this from vacations and Homecomings. These seem to work for me.

Therefore find your own Wakanda and don’t ever leave!

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Is Valentine’s a way to exclude single folks?

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day isn’t the same when you don’t have kids or a significant others. Then it seems like many businesses and society in general want to punish you if you’re single.

It seems it’s the day of love, but it’s really romantic love. It should be love for everything and everybody.

This is so twisted, we should all love each other. Show others that everyone matters: single, taken, married.

Most importantly, love yourself. It’s hard to ask someone for your love if you can’t love yourself.

Valentine’s Day is in its essence for folks in relationships. However, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about single folks. We love too, and have emotions.

Therefore have dinners for all of the special people in your life so that no one feels badly. After all, restaurants are super packed and people will get hungry.

The key is to try and make everyone included, like Christmas. Be nice and courteous and it will return to you.

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Vision and mission of #imjustdrew

I’ve been gaining a lot of new fans and such to the #imjustdrew movement due to the new release of “From Darkness To Sunshine: Making Unlimited Friends and Connections”. Some, however, are still unsure about what #imjustdrew is all about.

It’s more than a book, a blog, or a vlog. It’s definitely a movement, a vehicle of awareness, and a ray of sunshine for people experiencing a variety of issues, including but not limited to social, financial, intimidation and even mental and physical health.


The #imjustdrew movement will empower and enlighten others in a variety of issues using various mediums. These mediums include all social media, speaking engagements, community outreach, written and spoken word, and simple motivation.


#imjustdrew starts out as a journey of one Andrew Lanier’s life and life experiences, but it goes much further. Lanier and others around him will use these experiences to assist and empower others in many ways and mediums, touching on many issues:


– Being a productive, confident adult

– Overcoming obstacles such as bullying, social exclusion, poverty and mental illness

– Use talents such as writing and speaking to further the cause and inspire others

– Bring everyone together as close as possible

– Promote good health and wellness as well.

There is a lot of depth to #imjustdrew, especially as it grows. But at the core, it will all about helping others to overcome obstacles and become the person they are capable of becoming.

Continue to stay plugged in,…

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine