Rebuilding like I-85

I knew I was going to write a post on this as soon as I saw the meme.

In short, it’s about the ongoing construction on I-85 in South Carolina for years: affecting everything from work commutes to certain businesses. The local Waffle House in Blacksburg was forced to close and relocate at a later date TBA.

Point is, 85 is improving and often doesn’t care who is inconvenienced or even thinks about it much as long as traffic can flow somehow.

This sounds pompous and arrogant but many of us in our lives are in a rebuilding, construction process. Only thing is few of us take it seriously enough to stop worrying about others, especially when it’s not their problem.

Make definite goals, focus on the steps and mini goals it takes to get to the outcome and block out petty distractions. Also remember like 85, you will never be fully complete.There will be milestones but you have to maintain the level that you achieved.

One sign I haven’t seen on a highway ever is “construction complete.” It should be your mentality also. Keep building, planning, moving and improving.

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Suprise, surprise!

This isn’t reference to any Valentine’s Day gifts either.

We have had quite the week far as suprises in weather, award shows, TV series finales, and even the behavior of others.

The point here is that suprises can be opportunities and setbacks. We can use them for both and learn. Some don’t like suprises but they keep us on our toes and keep us prepared.

I was reminded this weekend how unprepared I really am in certain facets of my life. I have used this weekend to refocus and make necessary changes for the coming week and moving forward. I am doing what I can to make an extra hour or two/day for certain things, which will help. I am also factoring in other elements, including weather.

Point is, use these surprises to make you better and stay prepared. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes