Househopping 101

I have a certain skill I learned from childhood. It spins off of me being a phantom. I am a master househopper. My personal best is 6 houses in one day.

I have many friends and family and they invite me to their home for Thanksgiving. I feel blessed as many have nowhere to go.

Here are a few power tips on how to effectively do it.

1. Start early

Many houses start serving at lunch. Be prepared and ready to eat.

2. Bring something.

If you’re over 21 and have a stream of income, this should go without saying. Even if you can’t cook, you can always bring a pie or a beverage. Please do not come empty handed.

3. Schedule and plan your visits.

You may have to pick and choose sometimes, like phantoming. Don’t stay too long at any house, and have a strategy for staying, eating, and going to the next house.

4. Eat little at some houses, heavier at others.

This works best when the houses are in the same city. You don’t wanna be too full or sleepy to eat at the next house. Therefore, pace yourself and eat smaller portions or simply dessert at some homes.

5. Try to eat the heaviest at your first home and your last one.

This keeps things balanced and full enough to go on to the next house.

6. Don’t be greedy.

Get seconds if you are allowed. But don’t bring everything home with you unless the guests insist. The best rule of thumb is to eat only one good plate at each house.

7. Thank the guest, and get your socializing in.

Don’t stop socializing with anyone, and interact with as many as you can at each house.

Ok well Happy Thanksgiving and Happy house hunting!

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Chrris Farrrmer! One of the best guys I ever knew

Saturday, November 4th started off awesome. I was in Savannah, GA for the first time, running my 2nd marathon. I had a blast and felt great as I drove home that evening. I came home to some tragic news in my phone. One of my oldest college friends and one of the best people I know, Chris Farmer, had passed away. I am still in shock as I write this piece. Farmer exemplified my #imjustdrew movement perfectly. Shoot he could be the mascot. He was friendly, funny, sociable, loved his friends, family, especially his wife and kids. Also, he believed in keeping in touch, making everyone feel included, and lending a helping hand. I have been scanning through the years. The best one was 1999 when we were suitemates and worked Summer SWARM at the WU together. We had so much fun, hung out regularly, and simply made memories. He also loved cars, laughing and talking on the phone, and making people feel good. Icould be in the worst mood. One conversation with Farmer would change all of that. He had the unique and folksy ability to make anyone feel better and good. Farmer was also a hard worker, holding three jobs at one time. He had moved to Las Vegas for better job opportunities. Weeks before his passing, we had our final phone conversation. He told me he had landed a job working for the state of Nevada. He seemed in such good spirits as always, trying to put his young daughter to sleep. I am just gonna name some things from the years that exemplify us and that maybe no one else understands. Is that popcorn? Yeah whatever They’re slack Chillin! American Pie Let’s go to Denny’s! I was just working on the Torino Water and crackers Let’s watch The Simpsons Sistahs! I hate we both won’t be old, cranky men. But maybe God wanted to keep you young and lively. You were so animated and full of life. It will be hard living in a world without a Chris Farmer. Thanks for answering the door that night and shooting the breeze. You’re one of the main reasons I talk to so many people. You just never know the impact your presence or absence will have on a person. Again thanks. #RIPFarmer #imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine

Southern Comfort

This is obviously not the drink but referring to the type of comfort one can receive from having the right people in your life.

This is a spinoff from my latest #imjustdrew vlog. Basically, we never intend to fall in with the wrong crowd. It simply happens somehow. Now we need to know how to be around the “right” crowd.

There is no clear definition. They comfort and love you for who you are, have your back through thick and thin, and never allow you to be in harm’s way. They are comforting to be around, period. You feel at ease, all is right with the world and your life.

These people are rare so keep them close. Don’t be afraid to form a close bond with them. They are the real deal and aren’t going anywhere.

Be good to them, treat them well, and always stay in touch. Make good memories and take plenty of pictures. These will last a lifetime.

Remember who gives you this type of comfort as the Holidays come and the year wraps up. Don’t bring the negative people into 2018 with you.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine