Southern Comfort

This is obviously not the drink but referring to the type of comfort one can receive from having the right people in your life.

This is a spinoff from my latest #imjustdrew vlog. Basically, we never intend to fall in with the wrong crowd. It simply happens somehow. Now we need to know how to be around the “right” crowd.

There is no clear definition. They comfort and love you for who you are, have your back through thick and thin, and never allow you to be in harm’s way. They are comforting to be around, period. You feel at ease, all is right with the world and your life.

These people are rare so keep them close. Don’t be afraid to form a close bond with them. They are the real deal and aren’t going anywhere.

Be good to them, treat them well, and always stay in touch. Make good memories and take plenty of pictures. These will last a lifetime.

Remember who gives you this type of comfort as the Holidays come and the year wraps up. Don’t bring the negative people into 2018 with you.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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