Are we doing the lesser of two evils again?

It seems that society it’s all about a choice. Hot or cold. Paper or plastic (OGs). Sweet or unsweet.

It seems in politics it’s often the lesser of two evils when voting for candidates. You wouldn’t expect this in sports as the Carolina Panthers re signed former QB Cam Newton that had a storied time there before injuries and erratic behavior led to his release.

The thing that many Panthers fans said to me following the signing was “it’s better than what we have.” That’s not how life should be. Yes Cam had a good showing in limited playing time and lifted team morale. Long term will tell the tale.

Basically, no one should settle for the familiar all the time. You have to really evaluate and vet, rather than just choose a name out of a hat. This isn’t an ex lover nor a soda; it’s your team’s present and future.

It makes the most sense from the business perspective as having Cam back will salvage the ticket sales and keep the organization from going in the red. Far as wins go, unless he has improved and gets those reps, you won’t be much better off.

You have to consider this when making importantly decisions and not live your life as “the lesser of two evils.”

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