Two sides, two faces

Did I mention how there is so much about high school I don’t miss? It’s not really the way I was treated, or where I attended, it’s the cliques and the overall mentality. It’s the in crowd vs the out crowd. Those trying to exclude others and only thinking of themselves. 

And of course, many don’t leave this behavior ever. It dies with them often. 

There are definitely two sides to every story, and also two sides regarding socializing with others. I have those I hang with more than others, and my friend circles. But I don’t have what I call a real clique. 

I was just talking to my mom about how bad others treat us. I never want to treat anyone badly or make them feel like I did. 

Furthermore, I hate division. Shoot I hated it in school, struggled with it. Division, conflict and drama are things I try to avoid always. If you have any of this, get away from me please. 

There is two much division and dissension in this world. Conservatives v Liberals. Blacks v Whites. Yankees v Rednecks. Chinese v Japanese. The list goes on. 

Why can’t we all just unify and get along with one another? Please stop this inclusion mess and be your own person that won’t stand for this. 

Take this from a biracial person: don’t put yourself in a position where you have to take sides either. You will end up burning yourself. 

Seek to build and connect folks of all walks of life. Just think of Heaven, or even Hell. Do you think Jesus wants division in the Great Beyond? 

You have your own mind, think for yourself, form your own connections, and don’t leave a person behind. 

The Art of War is apparently good for helping others come together in peace. 



Jellybeans and the reverseĀ 

Many people want to try to be hard and macho, to protect themselves and not be vulnerable. They are like jellybeans, hard on the outside, but soft and sweet on the inside. 

Then there are those that are the opposite, soft and happy on the exterior, but sneaky, mean and crafty inside. I don’t quite have a name for these folks. 

This is why it’s important to talk to folks and really get to know them. You cannot always judge them by what’s on the surface. Everyone has a story worth telling, and a reason why they behave the way in which they do. 

People are humans, meaning they are fallible and vulnerable. We all right different demons daily. It’s easier to know that you’re not alone here. 

Okay at the risk of rambling, just remember not to dismiss a person because they seem dismissive, short and mean. Also, don’t think a person is the Almighty because they are nice, always happy, and cheerful. Use discernment and good judgment to learn the realness. 

Once you have enough experience and you socialize enough, the truth will reveal itself. Hopefully you will find lots of folks that are like jellybeans in nature.


My various friend groups/circles

This is a personal continuation of a post I wrote on I was referring to different types of friends. Well I have had formed many different types of circles, groups and connections. Here they are: 

My Blacksburg/high school friends: 

I have known them the longest, grew up around them basically. They have witnessed the beginning of my personal development and growth. I know I can always pick up where I left with them  

My WU friends: 

I have many friends and connections from my college days. I have my main crew, the Royal Fam. I have other friends from that realm also. 

Work friends: 

I have made many connections and g0od friends through many of my jobs, especially Winthrop, Robert Allen and Amazon. I have found lots in common with these folks and continue to stay in touch with even the ones I no longer work with. 

My fitness/running folks. 

These include not only the members of my running group, Run The Rock. These are also my extended running circle, as well as trainers, instructors, bodybuilders, and those at my gym. We all share healthy tidbits, encourage and motivate each other and have fun outside of the gym or pavement.

My UFC/MMA friends.

I remember a time where I couldn’t find anyone to watch a UFC fight with. Now I have a whole network of people that enjoy the sport and are into it. 

My fantasy sports people: 

This is a combination of school, work, and relatives. We play football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, and do sports picks. It’s exciting and we talk a lot of good hearted trash. 

My extended family/friends 

This is also a combination of my closest family and friends. I can go to them with almost any problem or issue. 

I feel very blessed and hope to have vacation/traveling buddies and expand my writing circle. Connections are very powerful. 


The Letterman Jacket Theorem

Back in school, there were many status symbols, things that made you look cool, in, chique. Your new(ish) car, your hot high school sweetheart,  class ring, or even your hair. But it was hard to beat the appeal and swag of your high school letterman’s jacket. 

This put you into jock status, even if you were an average athlete. And those leather sleeves were hot. Don’t forget to take the jacket to your local sporting good store and have it embroidered with your name. 

It was the ultimate status symbol during that time. Since then, many have been trying to fill that void that made them feel popular, awesome, a cut above. 

During college, it may have been your Greek organization  letters, certain T shirts,  or even your coveted college degree. As an adult, it could be your first home, your first new car, or even your first born. 

It is interesting what we deem as status symbols to make us feel important and appealing to others. 

Now before some of you bash me, I have had or have most of these things mentioned. I earned a letter jacket in high school, and still have it somewhere. All I’m saying is earning these things are awesome, but they shouldn’t define you or give you some superpowers that make you suddenly the big man on campus. 

It’s all a mental thing, just like in the Wizard of Oz. The cowardly lion discovered he had courage all along, he had to look deep within. 

Whatever the equivalent of the letterman’s jacket is in your world, I assure you that it’s not necessary to make great connections, or to be great. Find the awesomeness inside, the traits that few can match up to, and you’ll be the top dog soon enough. 

Now to find my letter jacket, but for nostalgia reasons, haha!