The Letterman Jacket Theorem

Back in school, there were many status symbols, things that made you look cool, in, chique. Your new(ish) car, your hot high school sweetheart,  class ring, or even your hair. But it was hard to beat the appeal and swag of your high school letterman’s jacket. 

This put you into jock status, even if you were an average athlete. And those leather sleeves were hot. Don’t forget to take the jacket to your local sporting good store and have it embroidered with your name. 

It was the ultimate status symbol during that time. Since then, many have been trying to fill that void that made them feel popular, awesome, a cut above. 

During college, it may have been your Greek organization  letters, certain T shirts,  or even your coveted college degree. As an adult, it could be your first home, your first new car, or even your first born. 

It is interesting what we deem as status symbols to make us feel important and appealing to others. 

Now before some of you bash me, I have had or have most of these things mentioned. I earned a letter jacket in high school, and still have it somewhere. All I’m saying is earning these things are awesome, but they shouldn’t define you or give you some superpowers that make you suddenly the big man on campus. 

It’s all a mental thing, just like in the Wizard of Oz. The cowardly lion discovered he had courage all along, he had to look deep within. 

Whatever the equivalent of the letterman’s jacket is in your world, I assure you that it’s not necessary to make great connections, or to be great. Find the awesomeness inside, the traits that few can match up to, and you’ll be the top dog soon enough. 

Now to find my letter jacket, but for nostalgia reasons, haha! 



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