Super Bowl Time: I Just Wanna Watch The Game

Another Super Bowl is upon us which means an entire Sunday dedicated to football, music, commercials, good food and drink and this year This Is Us.

Many throw parties that start early and end late. In lieu, they invite a bunch of friends over to watch.

Now I know what I based part of #imjustdrew and #fromdarktosunshine on. However, this is a time where I need “me time” or a very small crowd. I have planned and been to Super Bowl parties. What I have found is half the people haven’t watched any football all season, are talking constantly, are drunk, and it’s hard to concentrate on the game.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for me. But here are some reasons why it is.

1. I like to concentrate on every part, from the beginning to the end. A large, raucous crowd prevents that. I simply want to watch the game, while others have alternate plans.

2. I cannot stand annoying questions or people there for reasons other than football. This is the final game for six months or so and I like to concentrate in peace.

3. The food is usually good anywhere. But as with a lot of parties, some folks want to get greedy, evasive, and it’s hard to move around. I like small settings where the game and experience is more intimate.

4. I usually work the day after. Therefore, I’ll be crashing immediately after This Is Us. If I go to a party, I’m up most of the night. Now I have attended parties near the end but not while I’m trying to catch commercials, halftime performances, key plays, etc.

5. I had certain Super Bowl rituals. I stay off of social media, I use the bathroom during the game, I am fully tuned in, I am comfortable, and I enjoy my quiet time.

Super Bowl is by far the most watched event. For me, it’s still the game and I don’t want to miss that, although I do DVR it.

Therefore, if you’re having a big party, you can give someone else my invite. I will hang with you another time.

Now for other people, it can be great to socialize and connect. I use it for intimate isolation and fun. We all need that to stay balanced.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


The Roads Are Fine? Look closer,…

This is something I hear and get sick of hearing everytime it’s a heavy snowstorm in our area. Look, save for black ice, the main roads are going to be good because the Department of Transportation maintains these around the clock.

They don’t do secondary roads. Even with a four wheeled drive vehicle, it’s usually an extra day for these roads to thaw out.

Therefore, miss me with that talk. Or better yet, try to come down my road and back at around 6am when it’s 20 below and the ice and road is slick as owl poop.

Not unlike secondary roads, everything may be fine with a person from the exterior and in the neighborhood. Deep down, they could be fighting demons, like ice on a secondary road. It is no short recovery period either or a set one.

There has been so much tragedy in my family, friend circle and community the past month. Demons are definitely at work. We can’t give way to negativity and evil. We must work together as a community, love each other, and have each other’s back.

We have to remember what being the village is and support each other. Put aside racial and political differences for a short time and simply love and help each other. You don’t want to see your loved one on the news or social media in a tragedy. You also don’t want to endure one.

Life does goes on and it’s real, just like black ice. You have to brave each tough road carefully and patiently. Having help and support always makes it worthwhile.

So until you have seen and travel these rough roads, please kill the phrase “the roads are fine” in 2018 and beyond.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine

Take care of yourself and home

Ok we’re over halfway into Janaury and some of have been running ourselves into the ground getting back into shape, MLK weekend, getting ready for taxes, etc.

Please don’t forget to rest, relax and put the mind at ease.

Some of you know that I have been extra busy and stressed lately. The common phrase from those closest to me is “take care of yourself Drew.”

Well this past weekend I finally did that, going to a fun benefit and then an awesome old school house party. I needed all of that fun. Also, today and tomorrow I will most likely be inside due to snow and ice. It is very relaxing and I get to physically and mentally catch up.

I have some stuff going on and coming out soon. But let’s not forget to breathe, relax, take care of our inner selves first. Come to think of it, it would be a good idea to do some yoga/Pilates and put on some jazz.

I definitely won’t be driving and I hope my people in the South aren’t either. Take this time to rest, have fun, and recharge. Don’t be surprised your job called off work or mad if you didn’t get paid for it. Just enjoy this moment.

When you’re around good people and things, you are better set up to be your best you. Now allow that to happen!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine

ICE: Are you ready?

And this just isn’t ice, snow and freezing rain that’s on roads and highways in some areas.

ICE means In Case of Emergency, having emergency contacts. I do realize that everyone who reads my works and watches my vlogs doesn’t need or want a lot of people in their life. You do need someone you trust with your affairs in an illness or an emergency. This can be a parent, child, best friend, employer, etc. Medical professionals and other businesses need a method of reaching you.

Many are still talking about what people they’re leaving or left in 2017. I hope you update your contact info and ICE contacts if necessary. You should always have an alternate phone call or means of communication someone can reach you at. I have business cards for #imjustdrew with all of this info.

Obviously the more people that can reach you, the easier it is during a crisis. But have this in place. I was reminded of that late last year when I was buying extra life insurance. Also, some of you are fasting from social media. Ensure those that you want to reach you from there can also.

Don’t be caught hiding under a rock, literally.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine

Still No New Friends?

Ok first post of 2018. You see and hear the usual “New Year, New Me, New This” talk as usual. I now even hear some saying which people they’re leaving in 2017 and that they’re making new friends.

Ok let’s pause here. What about chanting Drake’s “No New Friends?”

The problem here is beyond people and friends. It’s following trends and fads too much, often for the wrong reason or evil intentions.

Here’s a charge for all of you in 2018: make new friends and connections because you want to, and don’t let fads and trends control you. Be you, be your OWN person!

People like it when others are strong, independent, and can stand alone when the crowd strays to the other side. Be that person, be the one that dares to be different and think differently.

Here’s to 2018 and doing stuff because you feel like it!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine