The Roads Are Fine? Look closer,…

This is something I hear and get sick of hearing everytime it’s a heavy snowstorm in our area. Look, save for black ice, the main roads are going to be good because the Department of Transportation maintains these around the clock.

They don’t do secondary roads. Even with a four wheeled drive vehicle, it’s usually an extra day for these roads to thaw out.

Therefore, miss me with that talk. Or better yet, try to come down my road and back at around 6am when it’s 20 below and the ice and road is slick as owl poop.

Not unlike secondary roads, everything may be fine with a person from the exterior and in the neighborhood. Deep down, they could be fighting demons, like ice on a secondary road. It is no short recovery period either or a set one.

There has been so much tragedy in my family, friend circle and community the past month. Demons are definitely at work. We can’t give way to negativity and evil. We must work together as a community, love each other, and have each other’s back.

We have to remember what being the village is and support each other. Put aside racial and political differences for a short time and simply love and help each other. You don’t want to see your loved one on the news or social media in a tragedy. You also don’t want to endure one.

Life does goes on and it’s real, just like black ice. You have to brave each tough road carefully and patiently. Having help and support always makes it worthwhile.

So until you have seen and travel these rough roads, please kill the phrase “the roads are fine” in 2018 and beyond.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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