Guilty Conscience: Free Yourself

This is high school and college reunion season. It is very exciting for some, unnerving for others. There are people that many often don’t wanna see nor associate with. You left a lot of unfinished business that you don’t care to talk out. 

Fact it, many people don’t change much in 10, 20 or 30 years. But there are those that grow up mentally and emotionally and realize they mistreated a lot of people and were into themselves. Now they feel guilty and want to rectify that. 

My charge is most everyone deserves a second chance,  we are all human, and are not getting younger. Therefore, allow yourself and others to free themselves and give them a chance and reconnect. Now if you find that many have not left old mindsets and are honestly still trying to fill voids from decades ago, it may be time to let go. 

Now while my high school years weren’t the greatest, I still made some awesome connections and lifelong friends. We may not agree on everything but we can find common ground and simply have fun for a night or two. You should allow yourself that chance and not let choice people ruin that for you. School is over and often it starts with you being the bigger person. 

This doesn’t always work, but it’s worth trying. Also your conscience is clear and you will sleep easier. 



Social gatherings

It is typically a reward to be at a good social gathering. Cookouts, tailgates, weddings and reunions all fall in this category. 

There really is no rhime nor reason on how to get invited or even know about certain events and gatherings. Just be as sociable and cool as you can, agree to disagree with folks and find common ground. Eventually the rest takes care of itself. 

Now how do you keep them inviting you back. Well I’m gonna share some knowledge from how I was semi banned from gatherings a few years ago. That’s right, I’m still friends with the person but I haven’t been invited back over. 

1. Don’t embarrass yourself or others. 

It’s OK to be fun and joke. But don’t allow yourself to get too obnoxious, drunk, or plain ignorant. If you have a beef with someone, settle it outside of the party. 

2. Bring something. 

Even if it’s just a bag of ice, don’t show empty handed unless the host insists. At the very least, bring some cash and chip in for some pizza. 

3. Be as friendly as possible and shy away from certain topics. 

There’s always a hot topic that the media loves to drive into the ground. If it’s religious, racial and/or political based, leave it at home, along with the drama. 

4. Actively partake in some activity. 

Dance, play corn hole, help in the kitchen. Don’t confine yourself to the wall nor the chair. Be active and stay social. 

5. Don’t ignore anyone, be polite. 

Yes there they may be someone there you don’t really care for. But just be cordial and keep it moving. 

6. Thank the host before you leave and afterwards, even if you don’t intend on returning. 

I don’t have the crystal ball, but this has helped me plenty over the years. Also, you will often meet folks that also hosts parties (spinoffs) and be in their circle. Friends are always assets! 


Gym Class Zeroes

Ok I’m wrapping up my back to school series of blogs with another topic/class that gets a lot of controversy and scars children for life: gym class. 

Physical education was not my forte growing up since I wasn’t very athletic. I didn’t get picked first for any teams, often last. And it seemed like not many of the kids wanted to play even HORSE with me in gym. 

P.E. teachers have started realizing the internal damage that can be caused by gym class. Now granted gym and team sports are important for building character and showing children how to work together. However, if the nonathletic kids are singled out too harshly, they can feel discouraged and not want to participate in anything athletic. This has led to students taking alternate courses such as JROTC later, or youth teams giving everyone trophies and not keeping score during games. The purpose is thus defeated. 

I believe the teacher needs to strike a balance and make sure the non athletic kids feel included and part of the teams also. There are creative ways to accomplish this. 

This is a subject that has been featured on sitcoms such as The Wonder Years, Freaks and Geeks and The Goldbergs. It can be touchy indeed. 

Therefore, here’s a small solution. To my more athletic students, don’t use gym class as a way for you and your jock friends to show off. Make the other kids feel welcome also. It should be competitive but also fun. And it’s no fun being on the sidelines or being picked last. You wouldn’t want it to happen to you, believe me.


Bullying 2.0

OK now that Fall is around the corner and school rolls on, let’s not forget about the other battle our children face: bullying. 

It still goes on, and with the advent of technology, makes it easier to bully someone more frequently. 

Most that read this know my story of bullying as a child. This makes me even happier now and more passionate about the anti-bullying laws in effect and the various movements.  I survived the senseless torment and now future generations can as well. 

I will always stick up for the underdog, the person that’s different or unpopular. For those are the biggest targets for bullies. It enrages me to no end when I see it. I do realize now it’s both a sense of insecurity and confusion on the bully’s part. Nonetheless, it must end. 

Parents, teachers, students and folks alike, please stay aware of those that are being bullying, even when they won’t say anything. It can be easy to turn a blind eye to so don’t sleep on them. I had someone from school that read my story with tears and had no idea I had been bullied and wanted to know whom and how long. 

It’s easy to get caught up in our own daily lives. I believe in joking and having fun, but no one deserves to be humiliated on a daily basis. Let our children look forward to school again and be able to learn. Everyone deserves a fun, safe, learning environment.