Guilty Conscience: Free Yourself

This is high school and college reunion season. It is very exciting for some, unnerving for others. There are people that many often don’t wanna see nor associate with. You left a lot of unfinished business that you don’t care to talk out. 

Fact it, many people don’t change much in 10, 20 or 30 years. But there are those that grow up mentally and emotionally and realize they mistreated a lot of people and were into themselves. Now they feel guilty and want to rectify that. 

My charge is most everyone deserves a second chance,  we are all human, and are not getting younger. Therefore, allow yourself and others to free themselves and give them a chance and reconnect. Now if you find that many have not left old mindsets and are honestly still trying to fill voids from decades ago, it may be time to let go. 

Now while my high school years weren’t the greatest, I still made some awesome connections and lifelong friends. We may not agree on everything but we can find common ground and simply have fun for a night or two. You should allow yourself that chance and not let choice people ruin that for you. School is over and often it starts with you being the bigger person. 

This doesn’t always work, but it’s worth trying. Also your conscience is clear and you will sleep easier. 



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