Social gatherings

It is typically a reward to be at a good social gathering. Cookouts, tailgates, weddings and reunions all fall in this category. 

There really is no rhime nor reason on how to get invited or even know about certain events and gatherings. Just be as sociable and cool as you can, agree to disagree with folks and find common ground. Eventually the rest takes care of itself. 

Now how do you keep them inviting you back. Well I’m gonna share some knowledge from how I was semi banned from gatherings a few years ago. That’s right, I’m still friends with the person but I haven’t been invited back over. 

1. Don’t embarrass yourself or others. 

It’s OK to be fun and joke. But don’t allow yourself to get too obnoxious, drunk, or plain ignorant. If you have a beef with someone, settle it outside of the party. 

2. Bring something. 

Even if it’s just a bag of ice, don’t show empty handed unless the host insists. At the very least, bring some cash and chip in for some pizza. 

3. Be as friendly as possible and shy away from certain topics. 

There’s always a hot topic that the media loves to drive into the ground. If it’s religious, racial and/or political based, leave it at home, along with the drama. 

4. Actively partake in some activity. 

Dance, play corn hole, help in the kitchen. Don’t confine yourself to the wall nor the chair. Be active and stay social. 

5. Don’t ignore anyone, be polite. 

Yes there they may be someone there you don’t really care for. But just be cordial and keep it moving. 

6. Thank the host before you leave and afterwards, even if you don’t intend on returning. 

I don’t have the crystal ball, but this has helped me plenty over the years. Also, you will often meet folks that also hosts parties (spinoffs) and be in their circle. Friends are always assets! 



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