Why does everything need a name. People, items, poems, anything that’s the same. Creativity is at a high and titles are at a low. If you know you know. Come correctly the very next time. Please have everything completed just like school. We even have lymon when it was lemon and lime. Can’t be a couple anymore, even your names are combined. It’s a cluster. Don’t believe it buster? Look closely, really observe. You get all of your detail, adjust your eyes, sometimes we all get what we deserve. When you can’t get a title, you’re forced to recreate and reboot. But why? Only so someone else has their horn to toot? Let’s normalize having our own work and merit. Do it now I dare it. I want to see how this goes when people have a mind and it’s used. Not lost nor abused. Continue to tune it if you like this one. Next one may have a title, it may not. It definitely will be fun



This is the new year, isn’t that right. Yet we still do the same ignorant things on sight. Same stuff, different day. You must be the change and not the date. You definitely don’t want to be late. Still bickering about the smallest stuff. At days end it all turns to fluff. Who cares more about shoes, phones and housekeepers. You still can’t get past the gatekeepers. Why should I entertain a clown that can’t even read or maintains their health? You’re on here to be nosy, not to cultivate my wealth. If this weren’t spoken you would never get the message. Feel the vibe, manifest the essence. Everyone wants the same job, woman, body and all. No originals left and then you fall. Styles and fads come and go. Maturing is different and real. You truly have vision and you see the deal. The big picture is outstanding. Once your mind is set, why would you go for less than astounding?


The rain takes on new meaning after its fall. You see what’s left, Following the rumbling, relaxing sounds, that is not all. It often gets challenging and muddy. No one is your friend or buddy. They’re not rushing to dig you out. You can’t even go around and about. The puddle is thicker and sinking. The smell is awful and everything is stinking. Then there’s slip and a trip. You’re down! Oh my, pain and a frown! You are literally stuck. They say you did a number, who believes in luck? It all came from a puddle and the ground. The extremely wet, muddy mound. It can get anyone and needs filling. This isn’t your normal wheeling and dealing. The Jordan year is here, time to be the GOAT. More rain is coming, don’t forget your boat!