This is the new year, isn’t that right. Yet we still do the same ignorant things on sight. Same stuff, different day. You must be the change and not the date. You definitely don’t want to be late. Still bickering about the smallest stuff. At days end it all turns to fluff. Who cares more about shoes, phones and housekeepers. You still can’t get past the gatekeepers. Why should I entertain a clown that can’t even read or maintains their health? You’re on here to be nosy, not to cultivate my wealth. If this weren’t spoken you would never get the message. Feel the vibe, manifest the essence. Everyone wants the same job, woman, body and all. No originals left and then you fall. Styles and fads come and go. Maturing is different and real. You truly have vision and you see the deal. The big picture is outstanding. Once your mind is set, why would you go for less than astounding?


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