Why does everything need a name. People, items, poems, anything that’s the same. Creativity is at a high and titles are at a low. If you know you know. Come correctly the very next time. Please have everything completed just like school. We even have lymon when it was lemon and lime. Can’t be a couple anymore, even your names are combined. It’s a cluster. Don’t believe it buster? Look closely, really observe. You get all of your detail, adjust your eyes, sometimes we all get what we deserve. When you can’t get a title, you’re forced to recreate and reboot. But why? Only so someone else has their horn to toot? Let’s normalize having our own work and merit. Do it now I dare it. I want to see how this goes when people have a mind and it’s used. Not lost nor abused. Continue to tune it if you like this one. Next one may have a title, it may not. It definitely will be fun

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