Will Smith: A Lot Of Layers

I have read the stories, seen the live and unedited videos and of course the memes. Chris Rock make jokes towards Jada Pinkett Smith and her condition, alopecia. Will Smith storms the Oscar stage and slaps the taste out of his mouth and then shouts obscenities at Chris from the audience.

The media, especially social, has blown up since. Little to no talk of COVID, high gas prices, Biden, Russia v Ukraine, the Final Four or any other hot topic. This brings up some questions of course.

Was this staged as the Oscars is known for the dramatics and needed ratings? Was Will holding in aggression from past Rock comments or Jada’s indiscretions? Would Will had tried that with a bigger, more physical person? Did anyone see Will laughing and smiling at the joke initially? Why (yes I’m asking this) are folks making this racial? Will Chris Rock be invited back to the Oscars after all of his past controversy? Will security finally beef off?

Either way, the Oscars has the publicity they needed. We also see what many have seen for years: Will has to resolve his inner demons and really talk to his wife. He can still be in the public light but he HAS to keep his private life as such. Also if he wants his marriage to work and be monogamous, he has to take it more seriously and not involve others.

The latter is my biggest take. Will should definitely defend and protect his wife. Just because he’s a celebrity and cameras are rolling doesn’t mean he needs to do it in public. He needs to handle it behind closed doors and to avoid a charge. Also, get on August or any other person that has disrespected Jada. That’s my take.

I welcome any and all feedback.

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OK is Addiction a Choice?

One of the latest memes to go viral is “Addiction Is A Choice.” Of course I have thoughts on this.

First off, it’s so easy to get addicted to anything, from alcohol to food to that hot show on Netflix. Getting relieved or rehabilitated is another battle. Many do not realize this until it happens to them and/or someone close to them.

Now if you have an addictive personality and you know something could be harmful to you, it likely is a choice. Once you’re addicted, that’s another battle that the individual has to win. They have to win this an an individual. That’s when it’s pretty much not a choice.

I have not only experienced this myself but have watched several succumb to this, my brother included. My brother technically had a choice. He also had peer pressure and wasn’t thinking about anything long term. He wanted to fit in. Psychologically, the average person doesn’t have a choice and may not know they’re getting addicted. Becoming an addict is basically a lifelong fight. That person cannot even be around it and it’s a process to return them to become fully functional.

I ask that you do not pass judgment unless you or a loved one have been succumbed to the dangers of addiction. It’s not always something you choose to do or be. Ignorance isn’t always bliss. Be kind and not so judgmental.

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Winthrop University realtors doing it big!

Many Winthrop University alums have entered the real estate game over the past decade. Home ownership, marketing and entrepreneurship have become a huge for the latest generation of WU graduates. Many alums realize this and have bought in to the real estate game.

They have exceled from simply becoming licensed in North and South Carolina. Many have also won sales honors and started their own real estate companies. All of them have the common goal of helping others achieve the American dream of owning their own home.

I have compiled as many names as I coikd of current WU alums that are realtors. Please tag any others as I want all to be recognized. Lauren Taylor (NorthGroupRealEstate), Tashia George (Costello REI), Roscoe Douglas (Excel Real Estate), Candice Wright McCuein (founded and own Excel Real Estate with her husband, Kenny), James Means IV (Excel Real Estate), Greg Lewis (HK+ Co.), Kawana Wilson (Bloom Realty),  Erica Simpson (EricaHomes, LLD), and Seniqua Breazeale Griffin (Keller Williams Preferred), Tori Robinson (Keller Williams) and Chris Gaynor

Trust me, these names are among the first I mention when someone is in their respective areas and they are looking to sell and/or buy a home. We Winthrop alums look out for each other and support each other. The WU experience extends far beyond our time on campus. I encourage you to support these folks also if not at least by sharing their names, listings and such!

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Simone Winn: Local Actress Showing All How You Can Win!

Spartanburg, SC native Simone Winn is many things. Mother of two sons. Massage school student. Sister, daughter, friend, woman. College graduate. Last but not least: actress. Her new release, which she acted and assisted with casting is “Collateral Damage” The Ambassadors Ball.” is currently the top streaming movie on Tubi.

Simone began her acting from participating in the school play in the 6th grade “The Wizard of Oz”. She auditioned to play Dorothy but was cast as the Wicked Witch of the West. Despite having the smaller role, Winn made the most of her performance. She was good at impersonations and she cemented the role with her signature evil witch laugh. Simone had the long end of the stick with the smaller role but she had fun, scored her first acting win, and it was the start of something great.

Winn also honed her craft by studying it at the University of South Carolina-Upstate, earning a mass communication degree with a concentration in theatre. Her current film is the second time she has appeared on television. She has also acted in several local performances at the Chapman Cultural Center which include A Raisin In The Sun as Miss Johnson and To Kill a Mockingbird as Calpurnia. Simone simply lights up and brings the stage alive. That is apparently by watching any of her performances. Winn has a captivating spirit and dynamic personality that makes acting seem natural for this woman.

Simone’s biggest inspirations have always been her family, but more specifically, nowadays, her two sons.

Winn would feel honored to work with many of the A list actors and actresses. Some of her absolute favorites are Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Tarajii P. Henson, Sanaa Lathan, Regina Hall, and Viola Davis just to name a handful.

Simone’s advice is to go after what you’re passionate about and stick with it! Know that times will be tough, but stay focused, keep God first, and you’ll eventually see the promise.

Simone Winn is living proof of her own words and story. It’s gratifying and inspiring to see a local woman on the larger screen exceling. Acting is a tough profession but Winn is definitely passionate, driven and motivated.

It’s fitting that this is written on International Women’s Day. Women such as Simone win on this day and everyday! I cannot wait to see what is next for this talent.