OK is Addiction a Choice?

One of the latest memes to go viral is “Addiction Is A Choice.” Of course I have thoughts on this.

First off, it’s so easy to get addicted to anything, from alcohol to food to that hot show on Netflix. Getting relieved or rehabilitated is another battle. Many do not realize this until it happens to them and/or someone close to them.

Now if you have an addictive personality and you know something could be harmful to you, it likely is a choice. Once you’re addicted, that’s another battle that the individual has to win. They have to win this an an individual. That’s when it’s pretty much not a choice.

I have not only experienced this myself but have watched several succumb to this, my brother included. My brother technically had a choice. He also had peer pressure and wasn’t thinking about anything long term. He wanted to fit in. Psychologically, the average person doesn’t have a choice and may not know they’re getting addicted. Becoming an addict is basically a lifelong fight. That person cannot even be around it and it’s a process to return them to become fully functional.

I ask that you do not pass judgment unless you or a loved one have been succumbed to the dangers of addiction. It’s not always something you choose to do or be. Ignorance isn’t always bliss. Be kind and not so judgmental.

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