One minute you’re standing, next minute you’re halted. You have all of your plans defaulted. This isn’t a Raisin In the Sun. It’s more bleak, foggy and undone. Be that as it may, it’s upside down. Backwards, reversed with a frown. Waffle House did close so we’re going to the Nook. Ahh what you know about that hook? I am a vampire, straight cat napping. I get less and less sunshine, more nighttime rapping. Help is needed, apply if you wish. Bring your navigation and a tasty dish. Do we ever really get ahead? Always a work in progress, indicators are red. I’m down but not dead. Caffeine, books and the recordings are my peeps. I have elevated by bounds and leaps. Celebrate the season that is the present. It will mold and nurture you, all will be pleasant. It’s dark outside but the light and warmth are enroute. All will be well,no trace of doubt



Conjunction junction What’s your function? I’m seeing things transpire. I didn’t imagine becoming a vampire. That’s right. An angel of the night. Ready to get back into the groove. I will have to stay on the move. I have been praying for this change. Sleeping hours and routine all rearranged. Where’s my magic beans? I want admirers not fiends. Back to that weird place. This time with less disgrace. Good things are coming and that’s the promise. Things are better and that’s the premise. There’s always light when it’s the end. The letter is in the mail, waiting to send. December will come and I’ll be used to the night. Sleep by day, ready for the next flight

Up Above

You know what it means when you see the dove. You don’t hurt if at first you don’t love. That time you were spared could have been you. It wasn’t but still shocked you too. Definitely check on your people and be alert. Life goes quick and you can’t be inert. These people are now with the ancestors above. This isn’t a movie as much as you hope. You grieve cry and mope. Some of the tributes are indeed dope. What a life they lived, they will be missed. Their presence and not their legacy is dismissed. These long gone are forever watching. Let them guide you and continue to love. They are waiting and guarding just above.