Roosevelt “Hut” Jamison: The Final of the Four

Just recently, I lost my final living grandparent. My paternal grandfather Roosevelt “Hut or Rooster” Jamison, went on to be with the Lord at age 93. It was a very bittersweet homecoming. 

I was privileged to have a good relationship with Hut. He embodied my #imjustdrew movement well, as he was very sociable, friendly, loved having fun and never met a stranger. I will miss our calls and visits. 

He was a man that had a great life and legacy and a sharp man. He was a WWII veteran and a free Mason, along with a family man and a retired employee of Firestone Bridgestone in Kings Mountain, NC. Even into his 90s, his mind was active and smart. He played cards regularly with friends when he still drove, spades and Bid Whist being his specialties. 

He was very active, pretty much independent and self sufficient until a couple of years ago when he was placed into a rest home. He had 2 artificial hips and still got around better than most with 2 real hips. Very inspiring indeed. 

I was blessed to have my grandparents as long as I did. They are all looking down on me. I do my best to make them proud and to live out their lessons and legacies. 

R.I.H. and S.I.P. Grandpa Hut and thank you for treating me as well as you did. We need more people like you. 



It’s Energy, Man!

We have all been around those folks that simply light up the darkest rooms when they enter. Then there are those that need that music that sounds like the final boss from an old 90s video game. 

I would guess most prefer to be around the former. 

This has been on my mind for some days now and manifested on my evening run yesterday.  Some people are incompatible with you in many ways. Often one of the biggest is their energy. They may not have the proper emotions, vibe, and attitude you like being around, period. 

I’m the type that likes being around folks that are so positive and zen others tend to gravitate towards them. They keep others calm, even under pressure and chaos. These people are often leaders, barrier breakers, history makers. They have a calm, soothing voice like a Barack Obama or a MLK. Also, they do their best to avoid conflict. They’re all about peace. That’s what I like. 

Either way, your energy has to be compatible with that other person. We obsess over being linked and yoked in other facets, why not equal vibes and feelings. 

Try it now. Get together with a group of people or call some of your closest friends and family. See how they sound and interact. You should feel better having been around them. If not, it may be time to reevaluate and find some new people to around that fulfill that. 


Marcus Austin: 10 Years Later, Still An Inspiration, A Benchmark, and an Awesome Story 

Yesterday marked 10 years since one of the best friends I have ever had passed on. Marcus Austin was simply an angel on Earth, a great person to be around, and an inspiration. 

He exemplified my #imjustdrew movement perfectly, interacting with folks from all walks of life, and overcoming many obstacles to be the socialable person he was. You see, if anyone should have had insecurities, it was Mark. He was partially handicapped for his entire life with dehabilitating spinal diseases such as socilosis. He never had full physical mobility, although he could walk. For long distances, he had his wheelchair. Appearance wise, it appeared that something was also not right mentally. This was definitely not the case as he was academically and socially intelligent. He earned two degrees and several friends in his lifetime. It’s hard to find someone from Anderson to Rock Hill to Charlotte that had a bad word to say about Mark. 

The doctors didn’t predict him to see age 15 but he saw age 30. He was also very independent, doing pretty much everything for himself except large tasks such as driving.  In the 11 years I knew him, I never heard him complain about his condition. He was very positive and always saw the glass as half full. 

He got around, traveled, studied, socialized, played video games with one hand (his left hand didn’t have full functionality) and enjoyed his 30 years. I miss talking with and hanging with this guy. A few times/year, I would venture to Anderson and pick him up or talk to his parents and brother and they would bring him up my way. We found ways to keep in touch and it was never a chore to have him riding shotgun. He was always down for a good time. 

I know Marcus is looking down at me and our fellas and is very proud. He brought out the best in so many people, and knew more about sports than anyone I know. 

I feel like I did well yesterday as it was a good, sunny, humid day in Upstate SC. But now as I write this, I start to realize what he missed on Earth, and the conversations we would have now. He is definitely the type you couldn’t give up around because he never gave up. Life stepped in and quit on him. I miss you homie and I can’t wait to see you again!