It’s Energy, Man!

We have all been around those folks that simply light up the darkest rooms when they enter. Then there are those that need that music that sounds like the final boss from an old 90s video game. 

I would guess most prefer to be around the former. 

This has been on my mind for some days now and manifested on my evening run yesterday.  Some people are incompatible with you in many ways. Often one of the biggest is their energy. They may not have the proper emotions, vibe, and attitude you like being around, period. 

I’m the type that likes being around folks that are so positive and zen others tend to gravitate towards them. They keep others calm, even under pressure and chaos. These people are often leaders, barrier breakers, history makers. They have a calm, soothing voice like a Barack Obama or a MLK. Also, they do their best to avoid conflict. They’re all about peace. That’s what I like. 

Either way, your energy has to be compatible with that other person. We obsess over being linked and yoked in other facets, why not equal vibes and feelings. 

Try it now. Get together with a group of people or call some of your closest friends and family. See how they sound and interact. You should feel better having been around them. If not, it may be time to reevaluate and find some new people to around that fulfill that. 



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