You Stood

I needed an influence to make me into a man, you stepped up. I needed food and shelter, you stood up for me. I was bullied, you went to the school and dared anyone to mess with me. You stood in that gap for me. You stuck with me through my hopes and dreams. I pursued and completed 2 degrees all while you cheered me on. You stepped up to the plate and didn’t miss a moment. You cared for me when I was hurt and injured even if you couldn’t walk. You drove me half of my life and when I couldn’t walk. You cooked, made tea and biscuits, one meal a week at least and kept up your home. You’re always the one that when no one else will, you stood. I feel like you know your time is up, that’s why the Lord took your breath and your voice. I hope to hear it one last time but I will forever remember you stood. Your legacy will continue to stand.


It’s Here

Oh yess dear! The time is near. The mic is mine. Everyone please be kind. I need things to move slow. The intensity is wild, but here I go. I am applying all I know. Pressure is here and I also apply that. We will go tit for that. I will not bow down. The frown is upside down. I am confident this will succeed and I will win. To me, losing is a lesson and a sin. The time is now and here. I definitely see and hear. I can’t wait, I must act. This isn’t Call Of Duty or another game. I have to perform or I’ll be a lame. Fire come forward and be tamed. Victory belongs to me. I will succeed glad fully. Some were worried, I was not. This has to be broken up into steps, definitely a lot. I will finish this race. I have the knowledge, learned my lessons and will control my pace.