This mess again

You don’t have to become keyboard warriors nor be aggressive if you have a private party.

These people I know were having a party for their son. I asked if I could come. Wife said sure. Husband tries to be aggressive and condescending saying I’m not invited.

While they can invite who they choose, that was handled all wrong. He could have messaged me privately instead of trying to embarrass me.

I’m blessed that I have other options to go to. I can cook and grill my own food, or go buy some if I don’t want to cook. Also, I was invited to two other gatherings for that day, and two more within the next 2 weeks.

Therefore, I have places to go and people that will hang with me in a whim. Therefore when I ask to come, it is not out of desperation. I have options so don’t think you’re making yourself look good by barring me from your gathering.

Hot weather and small minds can lead to the worst behaviors and it is disgusting.

Remember let’s all treat each other better and if you want your party to be private, don’t mention it in the open to anyone. Let’s not make things harder than they really are.

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Applying pressure

This was a week ago after being occupied with Prime Week at my job.

But speaking on jobs, people like Katty D and those that put on CD5 are seen as hoes and THOTs.

Now first let’s look at all sides of this box before we are so quick to condemn them and their annual daisy dukes party.

First, daisy dukes shorts came out in the 70s with a character of the same name, Daisy Dukes from The Dukes Of Hazzard. We already know why many don’t watch that show anymore.

Second, for you in your 40s and up, don’t act like you didn’t do just as wild and risque things in your younger years. Let’s see: Freaknik, Black College Reunion and currently Black Bike Week, CIAA, and some HBCU homecomings. Too bad social media wasn’t around in the 90s to record some of your escapades.

Also, they allow a lot of folks to make money and not just Katty. She banks about 10,000 yearly just at the gate. Then you have bartenders and clothing designers that make a grip. Katty is allowing everyone the opportunity to earn some money.

Lastly, she has built a strong following and buildup in five years. Her parties have grown so much in attendance they have become one of the most attended parties in the Upstate.

Now go back and look at those factors before you condemn her and anything she is trying to do. It’s not like any of this is illegal also. Let’s support and love each other.

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All flavors do not mix

I think this is where exclusion gets confused with keeping the peace and not dealing with drama.

The most profound thing I heard on the final weekend of June was “it’s not a good idea to hang with those you wouldn’t invite to your own house.” That really stuck to my ribs and is so true.

Now I am all about bringing folks together in a controlled, safe environment. But facts are that some people do not mesh and have no business even being in public. They are fighting demons, are tired, mentally constipated, and simply lack home training.

You have to really be careful who you deal with and how much. My birthday is coming in about a week and a half and please believe, anyone that causes drama is not welcome.

This is like making a dish and having the proper ingredients. You don’t want to mix mustard and whipping cream, for example. You need a good, healthy, tasty balance.

It’s ok to go out and have fun. But if you sense drama and bad vibes, it’s cool to stay a little while and then go home. You have to know your limits are more than simply alcohol.

Everyone isn’t going to live life on the same level and standards you are and you have to be aware of that. Keep the positive vibes flowing as we enter into the second half of 2019.

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